Skin Absorption and Natural Skin Care

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The skin, or epidermis, is the largest organ in the human body. Designed to be on the front line when it comes to protecting our internal body systems, it’s easy to forget that our skin is not the impenetrable fortress we sometimes believe it to be.

While our epidermis does have protective mechanisms in place, such as the skin’s outer shield or barrier, it requires regular TLC to remain healthy and functional! Though our skin has this barrier, what we put on our skin doesn’t just sit on the surface; it can penetrate this layer, traveling through an elaborate absorption process, directly into our bodies.

Let’s delve into the 101 on skin absorption, and the “411” on important tips on how natural skincare products can be your skin’s friend not foe, including the “911” on harmful ingredients that you’ll want to avoid to have the healthiest skin this side of numero uno 1 – and that’s you!

What Is the Function of the Epidermis?

The epidermis contains a built-in lipid barrier for preventing transepidermal water loss or TEWL, making it able to retain water in order to keep itself healthy. On the flip side, this same barrier can prevent too much water from entering the body, and serves as the only thing stopping us from becoming giant sponges each time our skin gets wet! This very same skin absorption process doesn’t stop with water; we’ll tell you why using natural skincare products is skin’s safest bet.

There are certain skincare ingredients which DO infiltrate the skin, either through cellular absorption or penetration. Penetration means that the ingredient goes further into the layers of the skin, while absorption means that the ingredients make it all the way into your bloodstream.

While there are natural and organic ingredients in our natural skincare products that your body can easily break down, there are toxic ingredients in conventional formulas and cosmetics. When your body is absorbing things it doesn’t recognize, like synthetic chemicals or toxic ingredients, it can tend to store them in fat cells (eek!) and other parts of the body, where these harmful ingredients can do harm for your health and wellness.

The Bad Ingredients Getting Absorbed by Skin

One of the reasons we highly recommend using natural skincare products (especially deeply penetrating serums) is to prevent bad ingredients from being absorbed by skin, and potentially infiltrating your bloodstream. Check out these sneaky toxins that are riding the Trojan Horse of serums right into your skin and, potentially, your body fortress:

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (ALS):

Found in conventional foaming products such as shampoos, face cleansers, body washes, and even toothpastes (yikes!). SLS and ALS can cause severe skin irritation, and both can be easily absorbed into the body. These sulfates can build up in your internal organs, increasing the potential for related long-term health problems.


These are preservatives found in foods, beverages, packaging, and more. According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), parabens are in most conventional personal care products – that’s most your product options! The EPA has concluded that parabens can artificially mimic estrogens in the body, leading to a host of problems, including various disorders and cancers. If you’re worried about these chemicals in your personal care products, we’ll tell give the down low on why parabens are dangerous and how to avoid them.

Propylene Glycol:

Causes severe skin irritation and sensitization. May cause allergic contact dermatitis, and has been linked to causing damage to the kidneys and liver. Propylene glycol is commonly found in many facial creams and other personal care products.

Isopropyl Alcohol:

Alcohol is a common solvent used in many skincare products. While it does have potent disinfecting properties, it can easily strip your skin of its protective barrier (the natural acid mantle), making your skin more prone to bacteria, infections, and dryness. No thanks! Choose natural skincare products made with witch hazel, instead, or vinegar if you’re shopping for household products.

Ethanolamine Compounds (DEA, TEA):

A chemical group of amino acids found in cosmetics and household cleaning products. DEA (Diethanolamine) is used as an emulsifier (helps to harmoniously blend oil and water) in shampoos and cleaners, and TEA is used as fragrance and pH adjuster. According to the EWG, cocamide DEA, which is a chemically modified form of coconut oil, and is used as a foaming agent, has considerate risk to cause allergies and immunotoxicity.


This is a neurotoxin that is said to be worse than mercury, as it is a “known human nervous system toxicant”. Another worrisome side effect of aluminum powder is that cumulative exposure can hinder the body’s ability to eliminate mercury: a naturally present element found in certain fish consumed by humans, which can be poisonous if allowed to accumulate within the body.

Synthetic Dyes:

Artificial colorants believed to be toxic and carcinogenic; labeled as FD&C or D&C, followed by a color and number, i.e. FD&C Red 40. Many artificial dyes are made with heavy metals and aluminum, which are toxic to the body when accumulated.

Polyethylene Glycol:

PEG is used as a thickener in skincare products and cosmetics. PEGs interfere with the skin’s natural moisture balance, leading to increased signs of aging and leaving the skin vulnerable to bacteria.

100% PURE Natural Skincare Ingredients Are Safe for Skin Absorption

100% PURE natural skincare products are made with naturally derived, plant-based ingredients, which serve many beneficial purposes for your skin. To allow your skin to absorb all these nutritious ingredients, we use a spinning method during formulation. This is our version of nanotechnology, and an alternative to using synthetic polymers: oftentimes capsules made of plastic-type materials. This makes it so that the molecules are small enough to penetrate the skin, and deliver those nutrients deep enough into the skin to get where they need to go.

Multi Vitmain Serum Cream

Speaking of deeply delivering nutrients into your skin, we’re super excited about our Multi-Vitamin + Antioxidants Potent PM Serum, and you’ll see why! This nutrient-dense night serum delivers high-potency ingredients deep into skin while you sleep, and contains a mighty blend of vitamins and antioxidants to help promote elasticity and firmness. This super serum can help to lighten age spots and scars, while the high concentrations of both vitamin C and retinol help to brighten and even skin tone.

Our Multi-Vitamin + Antioxidants Potent PM Serum also contains:

Spinach, Broccoli, and Tomato: 3 naturally occurring, vegan sources of ALA, which is an ultra-potent antioxidant

Vitamins C and E, Retinol, and Niacinamide: highly concentrated doses for maximum firming, brightening, anti-aging, and nourishing benefits for skin

Hyaluronic Acid and Nopal Cactus: for intensive, skin-plumping hydration

The perfect partner for our Multi-Vitamin + Antioxidants Potent PM Serum is the pre-existing Multi-Vitamin + Antioxidant Ultra Riche PM Treatment, our most luxurious natural moisturizer formula for making skin more plump, smooth, and supple. Due to its comprehensive mix of vitamins and antioxidants, this formula works to both brighten and lighten skin, as well as diminish signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. This multi-vitamin duo of natural skincare products is a match made in heaven for combating signs of aging and enhancing skin’s suppleness and glow!

Our Multi-Vitamin + Antioxidant Ultra Riche PM Treatment contains:

Vitamin E: protects skin from free radicals and moisturizes skin, and repairs and improves the appearance of damaged skin

Vitamin A: increases cell turnover to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and helps smooth skin

Vitamin B3: helps balance skin tone and increases softness and brightness

Vitamin B5: a natural humectant which locks in moisture and helps plump and soothe skin, as well as helps increase elasticity in skin

Vitamin C: helps brighten skin and assists in collagen production

Vitamin D: strengthens and protects skin, and locks in moisture

Vitamin K: helps with dark circles and spider veins

Absorb with 100% Pure

Our beloved Vitamin C Serum is a fan favorite for enhancing skin’s youthful radiance and glow, and for good reason! This serum helps to boost collagen production, which is important to fortify and nurture starting in your late 20’s, since this natural skin-firming process only slows down as we age. This all-star serum also increases elasticity, brightens, and evens pigmentation. Potent antioxidants neutralize free radicals to block and reverse sun damage, and greatly reduce the appearance sunspots (aka ‘age’ spots) and discoloration.

Vital ingredients in our Vitamin C Serum:

Vitamin C: powerful antioxidant shown to reduce quantities of sunburned cells, as well as age-related damage to skin

Vitamin E: protects skin from free radicals, moisturizes skin, and repairs and improves the appearance of damaged skin

Aloe: offers potent soothing, hydrating, and anti-inflammatory properties

Our classic Dark Spot Remover was created to visibly reduce dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and age spots in skin caused by overexposure or years of environmental damage. It evens skin tone with a safe, highly effective, and totally natural formula that’s free of harsh chemical lighteners or bleaching agents.

Active, plant-based ingredients in our Dark Spot Remover:

Matsutake Mushroom: aids in reversal of sun damage and dark spots

Sake: acts as a natural skin lightener, hydrator, and moisturizer

Licorice: provides natural brightening and anti-inflammatory properties

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors affect the absorption of skincare products into the skin?

There are certain ingredients that, when absorbed into skin, have a beneficial and effective beauty purpose. Hyaluronic acid is one of the beneficial ingredients for skin absorption. It helps to restore essential hydration to parched skin, and give our skin a youthful bounce.

But when your body is absorbing ingredients that it doesn’t recognize or can’t break down, like parabens, that’s where you run into issues. Some toxic ingredients can potentially infiltrate your bloodstream, and trigger serious health concerns.

Regarding applying natural skincare products, when you apply products to damp skin, the water on your skin’s surface helps create a barrier that locks in moisture, allowing products to absorb more effectively. If your skin is having a hard time absorbing a formula, you may be using too much product, your skin may not be adequately exfoliated, or the formula might be too heavy for your skin type.

Are natural skincare products better absorbed by the skin than synthetic ones?

Yes! Since natural skincare products are sourced from nature, this means they’re bioavailable, meaning ready to be absorbed and used by the skin. Your skin has an easier time absorbing bioavailable nutrients because they’re more like the chemical and physical properties of your skin. Besides, your body has a harder time absorbing synthetic ingredients, as it doesn’t recognize them or can’t effectively and safely break them down.

How can I improve my skin’s absorption of natural skincare products?

Follow a skincare routine and use natural products that are right for your skin type and any concerns. Make sure you exfoliate regularly; work in order of your products, like thinnest (serums) to thickest (day & night creams); apply your first product on damp skin; and allow ample time for each product thereafter to properly absorb.

Can natural skincare products cause allergic reactions or side effects due to skin absorption?

They could, but mostly for sensitive and reactive skin types. Essential oils are a common culprit. While they can provide skincare products with a divine scent, they are often irritating when used in high concentrations or without a carrier oil for these skin types. For example, tea tree oil can cause skin sensitivity with some complexions, so it’s best to always patch test first.

How do natural skincare ingredients penetrate the skin’s barrier?

The molecules in ingredients can enter skin through the openings that already exist in your skin as conduits between the lower and upper layers. Pores and hair follicles reach down past the upper layers of the epidermis and help absorb your natural skincare ingredients.

Want to make sure you’re putting the best products on your body?

Start by regularly reading labels, avoid toxic ingredients in personal care products, and follow our blog to stay informed. We’ll tell anything from A to Z, from the best anti-aging tips to zinc sunscreens, and dive into natural skincare ingredients. We guarantee that our products will always leave out toxins, synthetic ingredients, and anything tested on animals. Always natural, always cruelty-free, and always 100% PURE.

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