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Gift Guide for Your Burned Out Loved One

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Winter is a time where joy, connection and holiday cheer brings us to the brink of absolute burnout. Seriously. So, what do you do? Hide under a blanket? No. Why? Because we came prepared. Learn how to care for yourself during the time of year when it’s the hardest. Sprinkle some top-notch self-care items into your gifting plans and help keep your loved ones healthy and in good spirits for every challenge that rears its ugly head this winter. Taking care of mind, body and spirit can be a tough task, that’s why we love these thoughtful, supportive gifts that keep us in good relation with ourselves and others.

Arm yourself during the winter months with Dr. Nigma’s Super Vitamin C Cocktail. 

1. Dr. Nigma’s Super Vitamin C Cocktail

Are you getting enough Vitamin C to stay strong during the cold and flu season? We love Dr. Nigma’s Super Vitamin C Cocktail because it makes staying healthy just that much easier. Each pouch comes with 30 stick packs. Drink it in the morning, or pop one in your purse for later—mixes well with water, juice, smoothies, and plane rides.

Full of liposomal vitamin C, zinc, and superfruit-derived antioxidants, you’ll radiate from the inside out while protecting against threats to your immune system. This natural passion fruit antioxidant powder contains PureWay-C, clinically proven to absorb better than other forms of Vitamin C. The Super Vitamin C Cocktail supports a healthy nervous system, optimal immune function, defense against free radicals, oxidative stress, and even collagen synthesis. Cherry on top? It’s legitimately delicious. 

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Crushed Tonic marine collagen is a more bioavailable than bovine collagen. Sold in the Organic Authority store. Choose from 4 flavors: lucuma, coffee, matcha, and unflavored. 

2. Crushed Tonic Marine Collagen

We love collagen because we love taking care of our skin—which is especially important when wind and chill is sapping moisture from us! This pure marine collagen is sustainably harvested from non-GMO tilapia. Collagen makes up 75% of our skin, hair, nails, bones and muscles; consuming it daily replenishes cells with the amino acids needed for healthier skin and hair. Free of heavy metals, Crushed Tonic’s collagen comes in four flavors: Coffee, Matcha, Original (lucuma) or Just Marine (unflavored). Zero added sugars and zero preservatives, just good clean collagen.

Sale Alert! Save 35% on all in stock Crushed Tonic marine collagen with Code: CT35. Inventory is limited, grab yours now before we’re sold out for good. 

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We love Therabody’s new Theraface Pro tool to rejuvenate and restore skin without the trip to the spa.

3. TheraFace Pro

Feeling like a frown is stuck on your face? Reinvent your skincare routine with the TheraFace PRO tool used for facial cleansing, rejuvenation, massage and treatments, to aid in firming and plumping your skin, bringing an overall feeling of vibrancy back to your face. We felt the stress melt away under Theragun’s percussive therapy technology, which helps reduce tension and relax facial muscles. Benefits of facial massage include skin-toning and repair through microcurrents and light therapy. The tool includes 3 percussive attachments, a microcurrent ring, an LED light therapy ring, and a cleansing ring. The LED attachment offers blue and red light therapy, which can help reduce acne and eye wrinkles, while the microcurrent ring helps firm and tighten skin and improve muscle tone. A spa facial is great, but the TheraFace PRO offers spa results from the comfort of your own couch—while watching Netflix, cuddling the dog, and drinking tea. 

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Stressed out and can’t sleep? Dr. Nigma’s Cortisol Balancer can help. 

4. Dr. Nigma’s Cortisol Balancer 

End-of-year work crunch? You or your loved one should try incorporating Dr. Nigma’s Cortisol Balancer. This stress and mood supporter could help bring hormones back to solid stasis, balancing well-being, appetite and sleep cycles. Formulated with ashwagandha, magnolia, and L-theanine, this special formula contains many adaptogens that can help our bodies cope with stressors—like the inflammatory aunt you only see once a year who insists on talking politics over the turkey, for example. Taken as one capsule per day to help you get some zzzs, it’s easy as (pecan) pie. Cortisol Balancer is free from added sugars, flavors, preservatives, yeast, gluten and dairy. 

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We’re loving Ora’s Renewable Energy for a jittery-free pick me up before a workout or anytime. 

5. Ora Organic Renewable Energy

Pre-workout powders are all the rage. A pre-workout powder isn’t just for jocks, you know. We can all benefit from an extra kick in the pants to get in the right mindset for a grueling pilates session or an hour in the lap pool. Our top choice is Ora Organic’s Renewable Energy. Both the raspberry lemonade and matcha flavors provide a tasty and clean source of energy. This balanced blend is a mix of organic green coffee beans, matcha green tea, and yerba mate. With a total of 90 mg caffeine, it’s enough to get you out the door and into class, but without the jitters. Organic adaptogenic herbs such as ashwagandha, rhodiola root, maca and ginseng support a stable and calm sense of energy. To top it off, it may help recovery after a sweaty workout via the hydrating effects of coconut water. Choose from two flavors, raspberry lemonade or ceremonial matcha. 

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Little Apple Treats Apple Cider Vinegar is Organic Authority Approved!

6. Little Apple Treats ACV

Crafted from hand picked apples off a small farm in Sonoma, California, Little Apple Treats crafts delicious, gourmet apple-forward products. Their bold and snappy ACV is produced in small batches and aged in oak barrels for two years, before being packaged and corked like a fine wine. Unfiltered ACV with the live “mother” contains probiotics naturally, and nurturing your gut microbiome with probiotics is a way to support whole body wellness. Use with salad dressings, marinades, or add to water for a tart beverage.

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Ora Organic’s Easy Being Green contains chlorella and Ayurvedic herbs to support overall well being. It does not contain any artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives.

7. Ora Organic’s Greens

Ora Organic’s Easy Being Green powder is a deliciously easy way to sneak in extra nutrients while adding some pep to your step. With over 20 veggies, grasses, herbs, algae and superfoods, it’s an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. This powder is designed to support healthy blood sugar levels and a strong cardiovascular system with Ayurvedic and adaptogenic herb support. This easy-to-mix powder includes ashwagandha, prebiotics and triphala for added digestive support. Simply add water and enjoy! We love supporting Ora Organic because their company values transparency—every product is tested, and results are published online for your viewing pleasure.

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Does your probiotic contain prebiotics? Probiotics need prebiotics to drive efficacy.

8. Ora Organic’s Trust Your Gut Probiotic and Prebiotic Powder

Show your gut microbiome a little more love with Ora Organic’s Trust Your Gut Probiotic Powder. In a sparkly apple raspberry flavor, this mix is easy to take, just add water and enjoy. Full of prebiotics and probiotics, Ora’s powder contains 6 strains of probiotics clinically documented to support the digestive and immune systems. Over 20 billion probiotics per serving may help reduce feelings of bloating, constipation, and yeast overgrowth. With 5 grams of fiber you’ll get 20% of your daily fiber needs knocked out with this powder. Freeze dried and travel ready, each container has 30 servings.

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Ora Organic’s protein powder is plant based and delicious. 

9. Ora Organic So Lean and Clean

So Lean and Clean by Ora Organic is one of our favorite protein powders of all time (and we’ve tried a ton…). So Lean and Clean contains all of the essential and nonessential amino acids needed to replenish your body’s hormones and tissues after chasing the kids around for hours, a tough workout, or just a quick healthy snack between meals. This plant-based protein powder also supports digestion and bioavailability of nutrients for absorption with a full spectrum of digestive enzymes in every serving—so no protein powder bloat! Ora Organic’s powder contains 19 organic superfoods in every shake, adding crucial macro and micronutrients for proper cognitive and muscle function support.

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