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Hamilton Hospital Launches Study on Prevora Dental Treatment for High-risk Patients

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A study by St. Joseph’s Health System and CHX Technologies has launched in order to discover the usefulness of using the preventative dental treatment Prevora to improve the oral health of high-risk patients that are receiving home healthcare services.

People receiving home healthcare services tend to have worse oral hygiene as they have trouble administering it, can not visit a dentist easily, or have a medical condition that causes gum inflammation. The goal of the study is to see how Prevora can help improve oral health for these individuals and cause less emergency visits to the hospital.

“Prevora (DIN 02046245) is an antiseptic coating applied to all surfaces of the teeth, up to and including the gum line, that manages the bacteria causing poor oral health,” reported St. Joseph’s Home Care in a press release. “The non-invasive treatment is painless and can be delivered conveniently, quickly, and without aerosols.”

The study will include 30 patients who will receive the Prevora treatments during a home care visits and their progress will be evaluated during follow-up visits, with results expected in 2024.

Read the full press release from St. Joseph’s Home Care.

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