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Celebrating a Valuable Member of the Team this Dental Assistants Recognition Week 2024

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Each year, the Ontario Dental Assistants Association dedicates the first week of March to celebrating a valuable member of the oral health team — the Certified Dental Assistant!

The Ontario Dental Assistants Association (ODAA) encourages all Ontarians to join them in celebrating and highlighting the work of Certified Dental Assistants from March 3-9, 2024, during the annual Dental Assistants Recognition Week.

Certified Dental Assistants are highly trained oral health care professionals and vital assets in dental offices, often described as the backbone of the practice. Their extensive education enables them to deliver enhanced care while ensuring a safe patient environment. Dental assistants facilitate the work of dentists and hygienists, relying on their broad dental education, up-to-date knowledge of oral health trends through continuing education, and unique skills acquired through collaboration and experience. Dental assistants often serve as the initial point of contact, establishing the foundation of trust in the patient-provider relationship. They play a vital role in building trust, educating patients throughout their appointments, and providing comfort, compassion, and clinical excellence.

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