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How To Care For Bleached Hair

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Ever wondered how to care for your bleached hair correctly? This is the only haircare routine you need to keep your blonde tresses looking salon-fresh and healthier than ever!

How Does Bleaching Affect Your Hair?

At a glance, lightening your hair using bleach leads to moisture loss. This can result in frizz, increased porosity, dullness and dryness. Furthermore, the cuticle layer, which is meant to protect the hair, can be damaged during the bleaching process as well. The cuticle scales may lift or become uneven, leading to a rougher texture and making the hair more susceptible to damage from external factors like heat and environmental stressors.

On a molecular level, bleaching affects your natural pigment by oxidizing the melanin molecules. It also damages the protein structure of the hair, particularly keratin. Keratin provides strength and elasticity to the hair. Bleach breaks down these protein bonds, making the hair more porous, fragile, and prone to breakage.

How To Care For Bleached Hair

How Should I Prep My Hair Prior To Bleaching?

Assess Your Hair Health:
Evaluate the current condition of your hair. If it’s already damaged or excessively dry, consider delaying the bleaching process until your hair is in better condition.
Avoid Washing Right Before:
Avoid washing your hair for a couple of days before a bleach application. Natural oils can provide a bit of protection for your hair and scalp during the lightening process.
Use a Bonding Treatment:
This step is especially important if you have damaged or fragile hair already. Applying a treatment that is designed to repair keratin chains such as the K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask will strengthen your hair prior to bleaching and reduce the risk of excess breakage.

Tips on How To Care For Bleached Hair Afterwards?

Keep Up Your Re-Bonding Treatments:
Continue using your bonding treatment such as the K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask or Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector. This will restore the broken bonds in your hair and keep your strands strong and healthy.
Limit Your Heat Styling:
Reducing the amount you blow dry, straighten or curl your hair will reduce breakage to your already fragile tresses. It will also further raise your cuticle which can lead to premature colour fade, moisture loss and increased porosity. If you do need to style your hair with heat, be sure to lower the temperature (generally 185°C is ideal) and use a heat protectant. My favourite is the De Lorenzo Extinguish Thermal Protection Spray.
Retain moisture:
Bleaching your hair will generally deplete moisture. Therefore, it is important to adopt strategies to repair and rehydrate your hair.
• Wash your hair less often to preserve natural oils.
• Condition more with hydrating products, focusing on maintaining moisture.
• Use a hair mask weekly for deep hydration and repair.
Use a Purple Shampoo to Eliminate Brassy Tones:
A purple shampoo is formulated with pigments that neutralize warm tones. Using a purple toning shampoo about once a week will help to keep your blonde looking fresh in between salon visits.
Be Gentle With Your Locks:
I usually recommend brushing your hair when it’s dry. This is because wet hair is more fragile – and the last thing we want to to cause more breakage! Also, when brushing, start at the ends and work your way up. this will avoid excess surface tension and tearing. Furthermore, take care when drying your care. Use a quality microfibre towel and avoid rubbing your hair too aggressively.

Must Have Product Guide On How To Care For Bleached Hair:

How To Care For Bleached Hair
1. Shampoo & Conditioner

I love to recommend the Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo & Conditioner because it is specifically designed to repair as well as intensively condition. It also protects against colour fade and works great on all hair types and textures.
It features Redken’s highest level of Citric Acid and Bonding Care Complex, which reinforces weakened bonds and helps improve hair strength.
How often should you wash? Everyone’s hair is different, but I find the sweet spot to be twice a week. This is frequent enough to avoid too much build-up and debris suffocating your follicle, but not often enough to strip crucial moisture and oils from your hair and scalp.

2. Bond Protector

As previously mentioned, a bond protector is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your hair and repairing it from the inside out. The K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask will always be my favourite for this. Use it instead of your conditioner for the first 4-6 washes, then decrease to every 3–4 washes. This product is designed to be a leave-in, so there is no need to rinse it out (just make sure you wait 4 minutes before applying any other styling product over the top).

How To Care For Bleached Hair
3. Blonde Toning Shampoo

If you wish to keep your blonde looking fresh in between salon appointments, a blonde toning shampoo is essential. Using it every 4th wash will banish brassy, yellow tones which can make your colour feel dull and drab. I love the Pureology Strength Cure Blonde Shampoo because it is repairing and moisturising as well as super pigmented. It is also sulphate, Sodium Chloride, Paraben free and 100% Vegan

4. Multi-Purpose Hair Oil

I love recommending a multi-purpose hair oil like the Kerastase Elixir Ultime Original Hair Oil because they serve a multitude of benefits such as;
• Adding shine
• Nourishing dry strands
• Leaving hair feeling soft and silky
• Detangling
• Controlling frizz
• Strengthening damaged tresses
• Sealing split ends
They can also be used on damp or dry hair and even before shampooing to remove impurities. When I’m consulting with a customer about how to care for bleached hair, this holy grail product is always on my list of recommendations.

5. Heat Protector

As mentioned earlier, my favourite heat protector of all time is the De Lorenzo Extinguish. It can be used before blow drying, straightening or curling and offers amazing shine and softness to the hair thanks to its star ingredient Argan Oil – but don’t worry, it won’t make your hair feel greasy at all.

Now you know how to care for bleached hair. From pre-bleaching preparations to ongoing care and post-treatment rituals, each step plays a vital role in preserving the health, shine, and vibrancy of your locks. Embrace these tips, indulge in our specially crafted products, and let your bleached hair radiate beauty and confidence! You can shop all your blonde haircare besties from My Haircare & Beauty!

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