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Zuri Adele Reveals the Art of Building a Personal Wellness Curriculum

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In dialogue with Jay Shetty, Trevor Noah brilliantly suggested we all be at risk of being selected at random to have our bank accounts swapped with those of the poorest person in the world. Imagine this including a trade of access to healthy produce, mental health services, and financial literacy. To medical facilities, personal hygiene, mindfulness practices, and physical exercise because, in many ways, it does. Wellness is a group project. We each achieve sustainable, optimal wellness when we all have equal opportunities to do so.

What Is Collective Liberation?

Everyone should have access to equal physical and mental nutrition and personal wellness.

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Those on the margins are the backbone of the success of any corporation. Grown in a structure that caters to the privileged (predominantly white, wealthy, cisgender, hetero, and able-bodied), the industry of healthiness must become more accessible to sidelined communities (predominantly non-white, non-wealthy, and historically and systemically underserved and underrepresented) in order to be effective. How can any of us lean into our support systems if they are depleted?

Collective liberation is a communal, global, regenerative, reciprocal, sustainable lifestyle of socioeconomic safety. Equal access to optimal physical and mental nutrition is the key to collective liberation — an atmosphere where all beings are safe to live their healthiest, most inspired lives.

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How Can We Have Effective Wellness Offerings for All?

Considering all perspectives with honesty and authenticity is paramount to creating safe spaces.

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The secret sauce to every effective wellness offering is having each perspective genuinely considered and authentically honored. Among the things that contribute to a sense of safety felt in a place of business, there should be convenience to one’s neighborhood and accessibility to one’s budget. 

Also, cleanliness, innovation, and cultural representation in the images, music, and idioms used in the space. Not to mention, physical diversity of body types, skin tones and hair textures. Especially those claiming to offer respite from or inspiration to conquer the challenges of life.

Curating a Curriculum of Optimal Well-Being for All

To this goal in mind, I pioneered the Be Accessible Scholarship with Modo Yoga International to create opportunities for BIPOC people to train as wellness leaders and experience and curate safe, enjoyable, and relatable rituals and practices.

WalkGoodLA founder Etienne Maurice pleads, we all need the opportunity to “breathe for those who are no longer breathing with us,” “join together in revolution,” and normalize diversity, especially in a world where marginalized people are navigating trauma and microaggressions through each part of our day.

Adele Zuri identifies the need to develop flexible personalized wellness curriculum practices. 

Photo by, Tayo Kuku Jr

Angela Manuel-Davis says, “Wellness is being in your right mind and in your whole body, living the life you were created to live.” We show up for ourselves, relationships, and responsibilities as our favorite selves when we have the emotional and energetic capacity and resources to pour into the world “from our saucers and not our cups.”

As our individual needs shift through the seasons, my hope is that we are each able to develop flexible personalized wellness curriculums of practices, resources, and rituals that give us the capacity to endure and enjoy life. The word “curriculum” helps me identify life as a classroom, cherish each experience as an opportunity to learn and grow, and stay motivated through life’s challenges.

How do you feel about Zuri Adele’s idea of a personal wellness curriculum? Join the conversation in the comments below.

Big Sean recently highlighted that the intention of personal well-being is to be of optimal service to the world. Kendrick Sampson proudly identifies his approach to activism through BLD PWR as challenging citizens to “liberate the oppressed and protect the most vulnerable.”

Laborers are insisting on the prioritization of our well-being so we can sustainably contribute to world-changing work grounded in authentic inspiration, inclusion, and wholeness.

Because our society is founded in white supremacy, colonialism, and capitalism, we’ve each been born and/or raised into various access points to wellness, leaving many on the sidelines. With this in mind, our shared goal can be to cohabitate in an atmosphere of mutually beneficial interchange rooted in equal access to healthy living.

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Personal wellness should be accessible to all. 

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