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Zolar Technologies and Oral Science Launches the New Photon EXE Soft-Tissue Diode Laser

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The Zolar Photon EXE dental diode laser from Zolar Technologies is designed to make dental diode laser treatments easy for dentists and hygienists.

What distinguishes “Photon EXE” as the top-tier choice in its category?  

  • Power and Wavelength: 3Watt and 810nm.
  • Improve Accessibility: High Resolution 5 Inches Large Display  
  • New Interface: User friendly Interface, shorten the treatment time and faster healing.  
  • Advance LBR: Activated LBR timer for many dental applications
  • Reduced Learning Curve: Less extensive Training
  • Enhanced Battery Performance: Portable device can be used for longer period.  
  • Additional Presets: 30 more presets  
  • Precise and Accurate: Allow for precise tissue targeting, minimizing damage to surrounding areas.
  • Reduced Risk of Infection: The high-energy beam sterilizes the area as it works, reducing the risk of post-operative infections.
  • Preservation of Healthy Tissue: Remove diseased tissue and preserve healthy tissue.
  • Improved Precision for Complex Procedures: Improve control for intricate surgeries.

The new laser system is compact and portable with a large touchscreen control panel. The interactive control interface provides instant access to more than 30 preset laser treatment protocols, which can all be customized to match any clinician’s preference. Additionally, the laser includes complete user instructions accessible through the touchscreen.

The Photon EXE offers a compact footprint and weigh less than 2 kgs. It operates at a wavelength of 810 nm, and can produce up to 3W of  in continuous or pulse modes, with customizable timing for the pulse intervals and duration.

This new diode system is designed for procedures including exposure of uninterrupted teeth, gingival troughing, implant recovery, soft tissue crown lengthening, fibroma removal, and much more. Additional laser attachments allow the Photon EXE and to provide Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) pain management services as well as laser bleaching.

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