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Why Baobab Oil is Great for Hair and Skin : Benefits and How To Apply

When you think of hair oils that help promote healthy hair, baobab oil probably isn’t the first one that comes to mind. But baobab oil is a hidden gem that is slowly becoming the hair hack you never knew that you needed.

Baobab oil doubles as the perfect moisturizer for both your hair and skin. Originating in tropical Africa, it’s a plant-based oil filled with healthy nutrients like omega fatty acids (such as linoleic acid, which helps to seal in the moisture in your hair), antioxidants, vitamins A, C, D, E and F. It has a plethora of benefits for your hair including moisturizing extremely dry hair, smoothing out frizzy hair and healing damaged hair and so much more.

Intrigued? Keep reading to learn why baobab oil is a must-have in your hair product stash.

What are the benefits of baobab oil?


#1: It moisturizes dry hair

If you have extremely dry, damaged hair, baobab oil will give you the burst of hydration that your hair so desperately craves. It’s moisturizing properties work its way through every inch of your scalp, which helps to heal your damaged hair follicles. The oil is composed of omega fatty acids three, six and nine, which make it one of the most hydrating oils on the market. Baobab oil works great for those with dry hair and iis a definite must-have for those with type 3 or type 4 hair which tends to be drier than other hair types.

#2: It helps to detangle

Baobab oil is also a great detangling agent. It has an acid profile which consists of one-third saturated fats, one-third monounsaturated fats, and one-third polyunsaturated fats. When these fats penetrate your hair cuticles, they separate any knots and pieces that may be stuck together, leaving your hair soft and smooth. Our wide tooth Cloud Comb can help you get rid of knots and tangles. 

#3: It repairs itchy, flaky scalps

Baobab oil is also a great product to repair an itchy, flaky scalp or dandruff. If left untreated your scalp can become a host for harmful bacterias that will lead to excessive hair loss, but regularly using baobab oil will help to stop harmful bacteria dead in its tracks. It’s anti-inflammatory properties also help to combat an irritated scalp. Baobab oil is a perfect fit for those who may have skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, which can often inflame the scalp.

It protects your hair (and skin) from pollution and Ultraviolet rays
Let’s face it – most of our environments are in full-on crisis mode. But baobab oil provides your hair with an extra layer of protection for both your hair and skin. It also has insulation properties that help protect your hair from extremely cold or warm temperatures.

baobab oil hair treatment

#4: It doesn’t weigh down your hair

Have you ever applied oil to your hair only to realize that it made your hair look greasy and weighed down? Baobab oil does the complete opposite. It provides a blast of moisture to your hair, leaving you with a soft and silky finish that looks lightweight and natural.

#5: It’s great for promoting hair growth

Baobab oil contains an extraordinary amount of collagen, which helps to build up keratin proteins in your hair which is the key to hair growth. Whether you can’t seem to grow your hair past a certain length or you’ve recently undergone a “big chop,” baobab oil will grow out your tresses in no time. If you’re looking to expedite the growth process, use a length repairing hair mask at least once a week.

#6: It helps to strengthen your hair

If you have weak and brittle hair strands, especially due to chemical damage, baobab oil can help strengthen and rejuvenate your hair strands. Because it’s so rich in vitamins and nutrients, it helps to replenish your hair cells and will not only strengthen your hair, but as we mentioned earlier, will also promote hair growth.

#7: It’s great for your skin

Because it’s so rich in collagen, baobab oil has great anti-aging properties that can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Not only is the vitamin C it contains great for your hair, but it also is great for your skin. It helps to reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation that is often caused by acne scars. It also helps to balance the production of the natural oils that your skin produces. This is a great benefit because excessively oily skin can often lead to severe acne breakouts.

#8: It’s the perfect serum for your eyes

Whether it’s hereditary or caused by a lack of sleep, many of us suffer from dark undereye circles, puffy eyes and bags. Baobab oil helps to brighten and depuff your under eye area.

#9: It strengthens your immune system
Because our bodies can’t naturally produce Vitamin C, eating baobab fruit can help to fulfill one-third of the recommended Vitamin C intake.

How do you apply baobab oil to hair?

Baobab oil can be applied to your hair in a number of different ways either as a pre-shampoo treatment, with other hair oils, a conditioning treatment or a leave-in cream.

hair oil treatment

Pre-Shampoo Treatment

You can use baobab oil as a pre-shampoo (also known as pre-poo) treatment to your hair. Those who have curly hair textures know that a good pre-shampoo treatment can help to cut your hair wash time in half.

We loved this ingredient so much we ended up adding it to our Luminous Hair Oil Treatment which contains a blend of baobab oil, coconut oil and kukui nut oil to add some extra shine. 

To apply baobab oil as a pre-shampoo treatment, warm it up in a bowl for approximately 30 seconds in the microwave. Once ready, apply the warmed oil from root to tip. As you would do with a normal pre-shampoo treatment, you can leave it on your hair for up to 30 minutes, throw on a shower cap to add some heat to your hair and seal in the product then rinse it out and proceed with your regular shampoo routine.

If you’re looking for extreme moisture, you can also leave the oil on overnight, apply a headwrap for protection then wash it out and shampoo as normal in the morning. We recommend using a charcoal detox shampoo to give your hair a solid, clarifying cleanse.

Baobab Oil + Coconut Oil Treatment

Coconut oil is arguably the veteran of all hair and skin oils. Together baobab oil and coconut oil make the most beautiful luminous shine hair oil that your hair will thank you for later. To achieve these amazing results, mix one-third coconut oil with one-third baobab oil in a bowl then warm it up for approximately 30 seconds just as we recommended for the pre-shampoo treatment. Next you’ll want to divide your hair into four sections (our Tortoise clips are perfect for this!) and apply the baobab and coconut oil mixture onto your hair from root to tip. Leave the mixture on your hair for no longer than 45 minutes then rinse it out, shampoo then style your hair as usual with your favorite pair of hair extensions

Baobab Oil Conditioner Treatment

Because of its potent moisturizing properties, baobab oil can also be used as a conditioner. In lieu of your usual conditioner, apply baobab oil to your hair, letting it set for about 10 minutes then rinsing it out. You can also mix your favorite high gloss smoothing conditioner with about a quarter of baobab oil for soft bouncy locks.

Baobab Oil + Leave-In Cream

So far we’ve shown you how you can apply and rinse off baobab oil to provide a blast of moisture to your hair. But did you know you can also apply baobab oil after washing and conditioning your hair? Baobab oil is a great mixing agent to add to leave-in conditioning treatments then applied to either damp or dry hair. Mix just about one part baobab oil with four parts leave-in conditioner then apply the mixture to your freshly washed hair then style as usual for beautiful silky locks.

hydrated hair

Why do you need baobab oil in your hair product collection?

Hair care is self care and there’s no better way of taking care of your hair than making sure it’s hydrated, healthy and damage free. While you may have previously slept on baobab oil, we’re happy to open your eyes to a beauty product we’re sure will be a mainstay in your hair routine.

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Written by Ashley Inkumsah

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