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What is green beauty? | Nourished Life AU

You’ve likely heard the words ‘green beauty,’ but what exactly does it mean and should it influence your beauty routine? In this guide, we’ll explore the fundamental principles of green beauty, its unique qualities and the benefits it offers for both your skin and the planet. Read on!

So What Is Green Beauty?

At its core, green beauty refers to natural skincare, made from nature or naturally derived ingredients. It was only really in the mid 2000s that people started questioning the quality of ingredients and where they were from. As such, green beauty was born! Green beauty was a way for brands to demonstrate high quality ingredients, that are natural, chemical-free and safe for people’s skin. Whilst green beauty is highly associated to the idea of natural, it also demonstrates a commitment to using products that are created with sustainable practices, ethical sourcing, and eco-friendly ingredients.

What’s The Difference Between Green Beauty & Clean Beauty?

Whilst both green beauty and clean beauty share common goals of providing safer and more environmentally friendly alternatives, each are slightly different. Green beauty products stand out by what they exclude – harmful chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and additives. Green beauty relies on the power of nature, featuring wholesome, skin-loving ingredients, as well as eco-friendly ingredients and sustainable practices. This approach seeks to not only benefit your skin but also minimise its impact on the environment. How great is that? On the other hand, clean beauty focuses on safety by excluding harmful chemicals from products, ensuring that what you apply to your skin is free from potentially toxic ingredients. While these concepts may seem similar, understanding their nuances can help you make informed choices that align with your values and skincare needs.

What Are The Benefits of Green Beauty?

By choosing green beauty products, you’re embracing healthier, more radiant skin while also contributing to sustainability and reduced environmental impact. Some benefits include:
• Natural ingredients
• Skin health & reduced risk of irritation
• No harmful chemicals
• Cruelty-free
• Transparency – know what you’re putting on your skin
• Sustainable packaging
• Support of ethical practices

How to Identify Green Beauty Products

Look for certifications and labels that vouch for a product’s green beauty credentials. Reading ingredient lists and understanding what to avoid is also key. It’s no secret that the case of greenwashing is prevalent, with some conventional brands making misleading eco-friendly claims, but with green beauty you’ll always be given transparent information, nothing hiding – that’s the difference. Here at Nourished Life, we pride ourselves on giving you the most authentic green beauty products and we make sure to do all these checks before stocking any new products.

Incorporating Green Beauty into Your Routine

A study revealed that the average woman who uses conventional beauty products would apply 500 chemicals to their skin on a daily basis. The chance of those 500 chemicals containing harmful ingredients is huge! Making green beauty a part of your daily regimen is safer for you and simpler than you might think. We offer tips on finding the right products and integrating them seamlessly into your skincare and makeup routines. Check out our range of skincare and body care products here.

By choosing green beauty products, you’re embracing healthier, more radiant skin while also contributing to sustainability and reduced environmental impact. Explore our selection of green beauty products for a more radiant, sustainable you.

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