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Welcome to Wellness: What This Luxury Hotel Can Teach Us

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The Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills is an example of “wellness retreat” done right.

As always, wellness is at the top of our life-balance to-do list. Busy culture, social media, and work-life conflict can challenge our wellness goals—Too often the meditation or yoga we promised ourselves today is shelved for tomorrow.

Compromising on wellness and self-care happens all too easily when traveling, because all semblance of a routine goes out the window the minute we’re on vacation or on a busy work trip. That’s exactly why the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills has created an integrative wellness oasis that deepens the mind-body connection to allow for deeper relaxation. When the body can fully relax, it functions in a restorative state, releasing a cascade of curative chemicals that improve mood and health. Have you dedicated an entire vacation to self-care? Let us know where you stayed and what your routine was in the comments!

Take a Wellness Retreat at Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills

The luxury hotel is dedicated to tackling issues like the national sleep crisis—you know you’ll get a good night’s sleep here.

From curating bespoke wellness events to developing an entire wellness floor, the hotel uses a combination of light, sound, event programming, nutrition, and cutting-edge technology to put wellness at your fingertips, no matter what you’re going through during your stay. Committed to tackling issues like the national sleep crisis and busy-culture burnout, former General Manager Michael Newcombe recently accepted a new role as VP of Wellness for the entire Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts worldwide.

The OA team got an inside look at how this wellness-focused luxury hotel uses a combination of nature and state-of-the art wellness technology to create an environment where our bodies can function optimally again.

A Dedicated Wellness Floor in a Luxury Hotel

Imagine having the best night’s sleep of your life, or being blissed out for no reason. Those are just a few of the wellness goals for the entire fourth floor recently transformed into a restorative oasis. Designed to rejuvenate your mind-body connection to an optimum state, each room takes a multi-layered approach by using plants, sound, light, and technology.

Water and air purification systems along with hypoallergenic wood floors remove allergens. Circadian rhythm light therapy helps regulate the release of melatonin and serotonin to improve the quality of our sleep, overall mood, and sense of wellbeing. Sound machines soothe the nervous system and support a relaxed creative mental state. Inner bliss via in-room guided meditations by integrative-medicine physician Deepak Chopra, MD are available on demand. Select rooms have a Restorative Bed by Bryte™ to help you fall asleep faster and stay in a healing sleep cycle longer. Work out in the private fitness suite, use your in-room Alo Yoga equipment, or ride a Peloton.

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The Organic Spa Makes This a True Wellness Hotel

Truly a wellness hotel, The Four Seasons Los Angeles in Beverly Hills has dedicated an entire floor to spa offerings.

It makes sense that the wellness floor is spa level opening upon the chic and beautifully landscaped terrace pool. The new Garden Suite features a living green wall by Naava, delivering plant therapy and relaxation for over-stimulated minds. While a new menu of organic treatments like the hydrating Ayuna facial provides performance green technology results.

GEMCLINICAL facials by KNESKO SKIN incorporate vibrational skin care into performance holistic ingredients. The healing reiki energy of love, grounding, and protection hydrates and resurfaces your skin while balancing your chakras. The luxurious biodegradable face mask delivers nourishing serum deep into the layers of your skin while your esthetician stimulates blood flow and reduces inflammation with a jade roller over the mask. Before you leave, a sample of your chosen serum is gifted to you, such as the Rose Quartz Antioxidant or Nanogold Repair, to extend your treatment and results at home.

For the body, the 110-minute Toning and Firming Body Sculpt Body with vegan body care line La Natura Botanicals combines the healing hands of a massage specialist and a massage gun. Afterwards, your body is wrapped in an anti-inflammatory turmeric clay body mask before an hour-long lymphatic massage to reduce inflammation and invigorate your immune system that leaves you completely blissed out with that amazing floaty feeling.

Plant-Based Cuisine Options at the Luxury Hotel

It wouldn’t be a wellness retreat without stellar vegan cuisine.

Committed to nutrient dense, plant-based dining options, the hotel developed an inspiring relationship with celebrity plant-based chef Matthew Kinney. From a past plant-based pop-up menu at its alfresco Cabana Restaurant to daily restaurant options at Culina and in-room fare, the hotel inspires guests to think beyond vegan and enjoy the delectable flavors of nutritious cuisine. The Antioxidant Salad has goji berries, pomegranate, pistachios, bee pollen, and a rich balsamic vinaigrette. While plant-based comfort food like the Ortolana Pizza with San Marzano tomatoes, taggiasca olives, and almond ricotta hit the spot. For breakfast, try the famous Brunch Bowl with hemp seed hummus, Peruvian sweet peppers, roasted butternut squash, and avocado.

Luxury Wellness Hotel Curated Programming

Along with resident healer programs with leading intuitives, astrologers, and reiki masters, the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills celebrates Global Wellness Day, a non-profit social project dedicated to living well. This year’s inspiring program began with morning yoga on the helipad led by Alo Yoga Ambassador Josh Kramer with a stunning 360 aerial view of Los Angeles, followed by fresh-pressed green juices and acai bowls at Culina Café. After a delicious plant-based lunch curated by Chef Matthew Kenny, the day ended with an Altha sound bath led by master sound healer Letizia Silvestri and hypnotherapist Brice Le Roux.

There is much to learn from the integrative wellness approach of the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, especially the impact our environment has on our mind and body. From removing allergens to increasing plant therapy indoors and lighting that supports circadian rhythms, these elements relax and restore our bodies every minute of the day. Reconnecting to nature—with some wellness enhanced by tech innovations—restores our mind to its natural creative state. When we’re back to our natural rhythms, it’s easy to slip into that connected floaty feeling and smile for no reason.

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