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VideaAI Selected to Improve Patient Experience and Grow Dental Production 

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Lumio Dental announced that it has selected VideaHealth to improve its patient experience while increasing treatment production. Lumio Dental first deployed VideaHealth’s VideaAI in mid-2022 alongside several other dental AI solutions. After seeing outperforming results in terms of adoption, treatment acceptance, ROI and dental clinician feedback, the organization decided to expand the rollout of VideaAI to all of its relevant practices by July 2023. 

“After analyzing multiple dental AI solutions, we realized that VideaHealth’s technology could be a game-changer. Our clinical team loves the technology, and VideaHealth’s team had the customer success model to enable true change management in our practices and deliver clear, measurable ROI,” said Dr. Colby Broadbent, Lumio Dental Chief of Clinical Affairs. “Our clinical teams love working with the technology because it gives them greater, deeper insights into areas of potential decay, the technology is easily incorporated into our practices, and our patients appreciate the extra layer of trust that comes with dental AI-assisted recommendations.” He added, “We also saw a huge confidence boost with our newly graduated doctors in their own diagnosis.”

Results from the first several months of VideaAI usage include: 

  • Restorative production for crown treatments increased by 6% 
  • Fillings experienced grew by  nearly 30% 
  • Over 20% growth in periodontal production 
  • Increased new doctor confidence in their own diagnoses 
  • Increased case acceptance 

VideaAI’s dental AI platform includes FDA-cleared medical algorithms that help dental clinicians identify signs of potential carious lesions (cavities) and measure radiographic bone levels. An FDA study shows the AI X-ray image analysis tool improves diagnostic accuracy for 100% of dentists who use it, regardless of their experience level, helping dentists spot more than 30% more dental conditions, all while building patient relationships with compelling visual aids that increase treatment acceptance. 

“It was never enough for us to just introduce the best dental AI solution to the market, but I knew that to make a real health impact, we also need to be great business partners,” said Florian Hillen, CEO, VideaHealth. “When practices see real results, they’re more likely to invest in dental AI, and patient care improves. It is a virtuous circle. Lumio Dental are great partners to have, and this is only the beginning of the dental AI revolution we will be seeing in the coming years; we are excited to have them as our partners.” 

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