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Wigs that enhance your natural look when you wear them are a gem, and U-part wigs are one of the best in that aspect. It lets you combine your natural hair with a wig without compromising style. You can experiment with numerous styles and textures while keeping the original idea.

If a U-part wig is what you cherish, you should shop at a store that has an incredible collection of them. Luvme Hair understands what it takes to make quality human hair U-part wigs and invests a lot into making it happen.

This guide will educate you on the essentials of Luvmehiar U-part wigs. Read on to understand why these wig types are among the most trendy styles in the market.

Table of Contents

  1. What Is a U-Part Wig?

  2. How to Install U-Part Wigs?

  3. How to Care For Your U Part Wigs?

  4. Are U Part Wigs Good For Your Hair?

  5. How Long Do U Part Wigs Last?

  6. Conclusion

What is a U-Part Wig?

As their name implies, U-Part wigs are a type ofprotective style wig sewn on a cap with a U-shaped opening. This U-shaped opening can be at the center, middle, or side; it depends on your style. You can also choose them in numerous sizes, styles, textures, and densities to suit your needs.

The U-shaped opening lets blends with your hairline and make it look as though the wig is your actual hair. You can get the wig type in either natural or synthetic variants.

The natural variant of the wig, like the one at Luvme Hair, takes your styling to another level. It looks more realistic because it’s made with 100% human hair. Synthetic U-part wigs are also beautiful if you buy them in good quality from a good store.

How to Install U-Part Wigs?

One of the biggest pluses of U-part wigs is that they’re easy to install. Anyone who’s never installed any wig type can read or watch the tutorial and install it perfectly. After the installation, you can take them off anytime you want and reinstall them when needed.

Here’s a tutorial on how to install your U-part wigs.

1.  Measure Your Head

Place the wig on your head and measure it to know the hair amount that you need to part.

2.  Part Your Hair

Part your hair along the crown using a rat-tail comb. You should part your hair to match the parting on your u-shaped wig. Set the parted hair aside from your other hair.

3.  Prepare Your Hair

The following step is to create a foundation by making a twist, dutch braids, or similar hairstyle. If you have short strands, you can use a gel to make them as flat as possible, and it should be okay.

4.  Wear the Wig

The following step is to wear the wig. Place the wig on your hair and use the clips to hold it firmly. The wig should sit firmly on your head, ready for styling. If it isn’t well seated, use the adjustable straps and clips to ensure it does.

5.  Disguise the Hair Extensions

The most exciting part! All you have to do is blend your natural hair with the extension by releasing it along the side and crown of your hair. Comb it down and look in the mirror to admire the queen that you are!

How to Care for Your U-Part Wigs?

You’ve worn your wig and seen how beautiful you look. There’s only one way to keep it that way for a long time; maintenance. If you care for your wig well, you can wear it in good shape for months or years. Here are ways to maintain your wig to get the perfect fit.

1.  Wash and Condition Your U-Part Regularly

Your wash routine is essential if you have a human hair U-part wig. Wash it regularly and with a sulfate-free shampoo and use a quality conditioner. A regular wash is already a significant part of the maintenance process.

2.  Air Dry the Wig

It’s best to keep it away from a blow dryer or any other type of heat-drying method. Keep them on a wig stand to air dry and watch them shine, always.

3.  Use a Wide Tooth Comb to Detangle the Wig

Detangling is the process of removing knots and tangles from your natural hair. You should always detangle your U-part wig with a wide tooth comb gently.

4.  Be Careful When Handling the Wig

This applies to the general handling of the wig. U-part wigs are made with soft mesh, which can get rough if you handle it hard. When you hold it with care, it will reduce detangling and make the wig last longer.

Are U-Part Wigs Good for Your Hair?

U-part wigs are safe for your hair. Most other protective wig types completely cover your hair, while U-part wigs don’t. You can still care for your natural hair while putting on the wig.

The fact that it’s easy to install and uninstall is another reason to cherish the wig type. If you need to maintain your natural hair, you can easily remove the wig and re-fix it when done.

When you buy the correct size and maintain it properly, U-part wigs have more advantages than disadvantages.

How Long Do U-Part Wigs Last?

Factors like hair type, wear frequency, and maintenance prowess influence the lifespan of your wig. A synthetic U-part wig can last 3-6 months if you maintain them properly. Human hair U-part wigs last much longer,  with an average lifespan of one year.

However, you should note that human-hair U-part wigs are more expensive than their synthetic counterparts. The costly price is another reason you should endeavor to maintain them to enjoy them for a long time.


That concludes all that you need to know about Luvme Hair U-part wigs. When buying a U-part wig, you should take your time and opt for a wig that suits your style. Inspect the texture, density, length, color, and price to ensure that you get the perfect fit.

Understand that adequate maintenance is fundamental to enjoying the lifespan of your wigs. Handle it carefully, wash it regularly, and use top products on the hair. If you’re ready to explore the world of U-part wigs, visit the Luvme Hair website today to get started.

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