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Efficiency doesn’t mean cutting corners. It means removing wastage—wasted time, wasted effort, and wasted resources. It’s the philosophy underlying Ivoclar’s Efficient Esthetics workflow, that combines esthetics, quality and efficiency. From isolation to appropriate preventive care, Ivoclar offers seamlessly coordinated products.

“Efficient protocols make everyone’s life easier,” notes Dr. Shashikant Singhal, a Buffalo, NY-based materials research dentist and Director of Education and Professional Services at Ivoclar. “Patients get to have a better experience,” he says. “Clinicians improve their productivity and revenue, while assistants can spend less time chairside.” It’s not just about workflow, however. “Efficiency without quality defeats its purpose—that’s why we insist on achieving both.”

A seamless sequence

Ivoclar’s materials and devices support each step of the restorative workflow. Covering a comprehensive range of requirements for isolation, bonding, restoration and contouring, the workflow increases the efficiency of direct restorative procedures, delivers natural esthetics, and enhances patient satisfaction.

Placement of Optragate in the mouth.

The sequence begins with OptraGate®, a latex-free lip and cheek holder that retracts the lips and cheeks evenly around the mouth. “Unlike the rubber dam, OptraGate takes only seconds to insert,” says Dr. Singhal, adding that the product embodies the Efficient Esthetics philosophy: “Easy access to the intra-oral cavity improves the efficiency of dental procedures.”


Application of Adhese Universal VivaPen in patient’s mouth directly.

Next in the workflow is the Adhese® Universal bonding agent, which works with a variety of bonding techniques and has a unique chemistry that seals the dentin tubules, minimizes post-operative sensitivity and adds long-term bonding strength. Once you’re ready for bonding, the VivaPen® applicator dispenses the bonding material right onto the prepared surface. As Dr. Singhal points out, “bottled dispensing systems involve dispensing the bonding agent into a well, which wastes a lot of material.” In addition, the evaporation of solvents can alter the chemistry of the material and compromise clinical success. As a closed system, “VivaPen allows clinicians to dispense adhesive directly in the patient’s mouth only when needed.”


The restoration of class I cavity using Ivoclar direct restorative resin composites

As for the direct restorative filling materials, Tetric® PowerFill and Tetric® PowerFlow have a 4-mm depth of cure, saving up to 51% in procedure time in the posterior region. That’s because “you don’t need to restore the tooth with increments as with standard 2-mm composites,” Dr. Singhal explains. Not just that, but “our patented photo-initiator is 10 times more reactive to the light energy than the industry standard, resulting in faster polymerization in up to 4-mm increments.” The numbers attest to the product’s staying power: to date, Tetric filling materials have been used in over 730 million dental restorations. The composites also work well with clear aligner orthodontic treatment.

Use of Bluephase PowerCure to light polymerize resin composites.

You’ll get the best results from the composites if you cure them with optimized curing lights such as the Bluephase® PowerCure light, which Dr. Singhal calls “the first smart curing light on the market.” The patented polyvision technology allows light to detect movement of the curing light during the light curing procedure. The curing light begins to vibrate if you deviate from the treatment site and adds 10% curing time to compensate for the loss of energy from the deviation. “It’s like the lane-assist tool used on highways,” he says.

Synergy and support

Immediate post operative picture of class I cavity using Ivoclar direct restorative solution

Choosing the right workflow solution is essential for achieving high-quality long-lasting direct restorations. Ivoclar’s materials for direct restorative procedures support each step of the restorative workflow to deliver enhanced efficiency and esthetics in day-to-day dental care. In the rare event that something goes wrong, Dr. Singhal says the company can help you troubleshoot the root cause of the problem.
You can also count on educational support from the Ivoclar Academy, which has developed live webinars offered throughout North America, as well as virtual and in-person workshops. “If a lunch-and-learn program works best for your office, Ivoclar’s highly trained sales team can do it,” says Dr. Singhal. What’s more, Ivoclar collaborates with a number of educational organizations to develop modular programs that provide continuing education credits.

Of course, there’s nothing like trying out a product for yourself. Ivoclar’s sample workflow kit includes the Adhese® Universal bonding agent in the VivaPen delivery, OptraGate, filling materials from the Tetric Line, as well as the OptraGloss® spiral polishing wheel. The products work synergistically, streamlining the workflow and facilitating teamwork.

One might ask: why doesn’t every dentist seek to maximize efficiency and quality? “Humans seek stability and familiarity, and dentists get used to techniques that have worked for them in the past,” Dr. Singhal notes. Getting past this universal tendency requires “a conscious effort to try new things. Once you experience the benefits of a better technology, you never want to go back.”

Experience the difference with our workflow kit. Request a kit today.

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