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Like all other aspects of your life, age can take a toll on your oral health. The enamel of your teeth may become stained due to your dietary habits or turn yellowish due to wear and tear. Professional teeth whitening can remove stains and discolorations on your teeth to restore their luster. If the thought of a whiter, brighter smile appeals to you, contact the teeth whitening professionals at Briglia Dental Group in West Chester to learn more about our whitening procedures.

Substances that Can Harm Your Teeth

Your diet plays an important role in tooth health and appearance. A healthy diet can help your teeth stay healthy and strong and reduce your risk of decay. However, if you constantly consume certain foods and beverages over the years, you’re more susceptible to getting stains on your teeth. These products include:

The use of tobacco products can also stain your teeth, ruining your smile. Over the years, your teeth will suffer wear and tear, which can cause your enamel to grow thin, allowing the yellowish dentin layer to show through. 

Through professional teeth whitening services, Dr. Ron Briglia can remove stains and discolorations to brighten your smile. A brighter smile will make you look (and feel) years younger, giving you a greater incentive to smile more often.

Before and After Treatment Images of Actual Patients

Zoom Whitening Before Case 05



Benefits of the Professional Touch

Although there are numerous over-the-counter whitening products you can try to brighten your smile, none come close to giving you the beautiful results of a professional teeth whitening job. Working with teeth whitening professionals in West Chester enables you to benefit from their dental expertise along with high-quality whitening products. Professional teeth whitening is safer, faster, and more effective than OTC whitening kits and gives you longer-lasting results.

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Near Me in West Chester

There’s nothing like whiter, brighter teeth to restore your youth, confidence, and self-esteem. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Ron Briglia in West Chester for professional teeth whitening services, contact us today at (610) 615 0160. A dazzling smile is well within your reach at Briglia Dental Group.

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