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Study Finds Most Women 50 and Older Unaware of Menopause’s Impact on Oral Health

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A new survey from Delta Dental reveals the lack of awareness among women over 50 regarding the relationship between oral health symptoms and menopause.

The survey revealed 84% of women from the U.S. aged 50 and older are unaware that some of their oral health discomfort could be related to menopause. Although 70% of women surveyed said they had experienced at least one oral health symptom since starting menopause, 27% said they could not find resources on the topic.

Following the survey and after learning about the connection between oral health and menopause, an encouraging 77% of participants indicated they will prioritize scheduling their next dental exam while 43% said they would spend more time on their oral care routine.

See more findings from the survey from Delta Dental.

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