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Ivoclar Maximizes the Efficiency of Direct Restorative Procedures

Choosing the right workflow solution is essential for achieving high-quality long-lasting direct restorations. Ivoclar’s materials for direct restorative procedures support each step of the restorative workflow to deliver enhanced efficiency and esthetics in day-to-day dental care. Covering a comprehensive range of requirements for isolation, restoration, contouring and enhanced protection against caries and erosion, Ivoclar’s leading-edge product portfolio increases the efficiency of direct restorative procedures in the daily work of the practice and brings a beautiful smile to every patient’s face.

Faster. Better. Stronger. Along the clinical treatment chain, Ivoclar offers coordinated and well-matched materials for the clinical steps involved in direct restorative dentistry, enabling procedures that are: Faster. Better. Stronger.

Faster – The portfolio offers reliable products that optimize the chairside time required for posterior restorations, allowing time savings of up to 51%.[1]   

Better The Direct Restorative Workflow is all about teamwork. The products are coordinated in such a way that they complement each other seamlessly, streamlining the workflow in the practice.

Stronger The high-quality dental products offer patients outstanding quality and esthetics and enhance the efficiency of the dental team.

A convincing workflow

Ivoclar has designed a direct restorative workflow that combines esthetics, quality and efficiency. From isolation to appropriate preventive care, Ivoclar offers seamlessly coordinated products.

  • OptraGate® is the solution when effective and rapid relative isolation is essential. The latex-free lip and cheek retractor provides a clear view of the treatment field and is comfortable to wear for patients.
  • Adhese® Universal is a single-component, light-cured adhesive for direct and indirect bonding procedures and all etching protocols.[2] The product is delivered in the innovative, user-friendly VivaPen, which provides up to four times more applications per ml of content, boosting the economic efficiency of the practice.
  • The products of the Tetric® Line are the solution for all cavities in minimally invasive restorative procedures.[3] The Tetric Line comprises four coordinated composite materials that ensure an efficient workflow and excellent esthetic results. The four-millimetre composites Tetric PowerFill and Tetric PowerFlow are distinguished by their lifelike esthetic properties and reliable curing behaviour at short exposure times, enabling time savings of up to 51% in the posterior region.[4]  The universal composites Tetric EvoFlow and Tetric Prime are suitable for both the anterior and posterior region. Tetric EvoFlow is flowable under pressure and stable when handled. The composite can be placed accurately, making it well suited for minimally invasive anterior restorations and for use as a liner. Tetric Prime is a sculptable composite. Because of its distinctive chameleon effect and excellent handling properties, it is especially suitable for straightforward and esthetic replacements of lost tooth structure.
  • Effortless composite contouring is accomplished with OptraSculpt®. These instruments are especially designed for the non-stick  shaping and contouring of composite resin.
  • Bluephase® PowerCure curing light offers intelligent light-curing by the push of a button. The curing light enables a reliable curing process at short exposure times starting from 3 seconds. Equipped with the patented Polyvision technology, the Bluephase PowerCure is a proper ‘team player’ and actively supports dentists in the curing process with the help of the integrated curing assistant.
  • Final polishing is achieved with OptraGloss®. The universal polisher is suitable for extraoral and intraoral high-gloss polishing, providing smooth and shiny restoration surfaces in just one step.

Version without product name: For the effective protection of finished restorations, application of a fluoride-containing protective varnish is recommended to strengthen the protection against caries and erosion, to treat hypersensitive tooth necks, to increase enamel acid resistance and to prevent sensitivities.

For more details about direct restorative procedures: https://www.ivoclar.com/en_li/campaigns/start-your-efficiency-journey

[1]  Made possible with the 3s PowerCure products. 

[2]  Except in cases where adequate light curing cannot be ensured (e.g. cementation of endodontic posts).

[3] Cavity classes I–V according to G. V. Black

[4] Only suitable for posterior Class I & II restorations light-cured from the occlusal aspect.

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