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How to Best Take Care of Curly Hair Extensions? — Posh Lifestyle & Beauty Blog

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If you have natural curly hair, you know how long it takes to grow it, and even when your hair is long, the curls may make it look shorter than you wish. That’s why hair extensions come as a perfect solution for adding length to your beautiful hair. They come in all types, and all you have to do is match them to your natural hair and take care of them so they always look their best.

How to Care For Curly Hair Extensions?

To care for curly hair extensions, you should create a gentle and thoughtful routine. Always use a wide-tooth comb, gentle shampoos, and hair products suitable for curly hair. You can even protect your hair at night with a satin or silk pillowcase or a hair wrap to reduce friction. Regular trimming is always good for the overall health and longevity of your curly hair, as well as the extensions.

Moisturize Your Hair

The right choice of hair products for your hair extensions is as important as for your natural hair. Naturally curly hair is often dry and easily gets tangled up, and extensions don’t get the natural oils from your scalp, so they need moisturizing even more. Products with shea butter, or similar deeply moisturizing components are a great way to restore and soften the hair, so don’t take them for granted, as they will help you keep it shiny and beautiful. 

Avoid Heat Styling Your Hair Extensions

Try using only heatless methods for styling your curly extensions to keep them in their best shape. Even though you probably wouldn’t try to straighten your curly extensions, you may want to curl them back if they’ve lost shape. In this case, we recommend you use flexi or perm rods instead of hot styling tools. 

If possible, avoid using hairdryers, too. Air drying your hair extensions will prevent them from getting dry, tangled, and losing their shape.

Brush Them With Your Fingers Only

Curly hair extensions need special care and attention to maintain their unique shape and pattern. The first rule is never to brush them when they’re dry, as this can cause breakage, shedding, and frizzing. If tangled, brush your hair extensions gently with your fingers only, and if that doesn’t work, try washing them and then using a wide-tooth comb to remove all the tangles, from the bottom up.

Leave-in Conditioners Are the Best!

As hair extensions tend to get dry easily, leave-in conditioners can be just what you need to maintain their moisture and shine. When using a leave-in conditioner, it’s best to go for those that specially suit your hair type. 

For example, for Type 3 hair extensions, use lighter leave-in products with argan or jojoba oil, or coconut milk. Type 4 requires something heavier like shea butter or coconut oil, etc. Wherever you choose, remember to put only a small amount of the product on your extensions, because too much of it can weigh the hair down.

Store the Extensions Properly at Night

Here’s another one of the important rules – never sleep with your hair extensions on! The friction with your natural hair and the pillow will make them tangled and ugly. So, before going to bed, unclip the extensions and store them in a storage container or their original box in a dry and cool place. 

Lose the Habit of Touching Your Hair

The more you play with your curls, the more they lose their moisture and shine. Even though sometimes running your fingers through your hair and combing it is tempting, try not to do that too often with your hair extensions as you can really make them go to waste.

How to Properly Wash Curly Hair Extensions?

Here’s a quick guide on how to wash your curly hair extensions properly to keep them in great shape for a long time.

First, fill a big bowl with water or plug the sink and fill it up. Add shampoo suitable for curly hair, and soak one weft at a time until it’s soapy, and gently clean it with your fingers. Remember to not scrub too hard, a gentle wash is perfect enough.

After washing, place each cleaned weft aside on a microfiber towel and apply conditioner to each one, from root to tip. Let it sit for about 10 minutes if the hair is really dry.

Rinse off the conditioner from each weft and lay them on a microfiber towel while running your fingers through the hair and removing knots or tangles. Use a wide-tooth comb if needed.

Finally, let the extensions air dry overnight, and finish by applying a light hair oil or serum.

Following these tips made by Hair Maiden India will keep your curly hair extensions healthy and in their best shape long-term. With proper care, they can last up to a year or even more, of course, depending on how often you use them. 

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