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If we all aspired to be a Girlboss ten years ago, the new mindset is to be That Girl. You know, not your average girl, but the one that has it all together. Both physically and mentally. She is the one with a solid morning routine, a healthy diet consisting of acai bowls and oat milk lattes,
a dreamy self care routine (#SkincareGoals) and an aesthetic perspective of life others strive for.

She sets personal goals and holds herself accountable since she is trying to create the best version of herself. And what makes her so alluring is that girl…could be you. If you are willing to put yourself first.

This trend has been all over Tiktok and becoming “that girl” will look a bit different for everyone depending on your personal goals but we can all safely say after quarantining that it doesn’t hurt to spend some time focusing on our physical and mental health.

If you need that extra motivation to get out of bed, here are some “that girl” selfcare tips to get you started on growing into the best version of yourself.

Have a consistent sleep schedule

Rise and shine, it’s time to get up, get dressed and make the bed. Avoid hitting the snooze button so you can be a productive queen. The morning is a great time to make a to do list or journal your thoughts so you are more attuned with your emotions before hopping onto your laptop to reply to emails or getting pulled into scrolling through social media.

The 5 Minute Journal is a great way to start off the day by practicing positivity and finding what sparks your joy before entering the daily grind.

Move your body

Hit the gym or go for a walk in your cutest matching workout set. Moving will get you motivated to start off the day with lots of drive and energy. Whether you are jogging, doing yoga or just dancing in your living room to your favorite song, doing some stretches and getting your blood pumping can allow you to focus on your goals.

Stock up on nutrient dense food

Savor your breakfast. Snack on some dried fruit or nuts throughout the day to keep your energy levels up and avoid reaching for sugary snacks . Opt for cooking your own meals rather than ordering in so you know what ingredients are being used. Try Emily Mariko’s salmon rice bowl recipe. Embrace slow eating. Taste. Savor every bite.

Do your selfcare routine

This is going to look different for everyone, whether it’s decompressing with a hot bath, applying a sheet mask, or even just doing your hair care routine and taking some selfies with your Luxy hair extensions. Staying in all day lounging on the couch? Perfect your cute and cozy look with a clip in bun and our cozy Wander sweater. If you’re going out, finish the look with one of our ponytail extensions to feel powerful and in charge.

When you feel good, you’ll feel more motivated to get things done.

Clean your space and keep it minimal

Having a clean environment can have such a positive effect on your mood and well being. Wipe away the dirt and grime, and start off with a clean slate. Throw out anything that you no longer use to keep your space clutter free.

Buy The Flowers

This is your sacred space. Buy the flowers. The chocolates. The whole damn cake. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself once in a while and doing something just for you. The trip to the farmer’s market will be worth it and you’ll have something beautiful to look at all day whether you are relaxing or WFH.

How to Become That Girl

Nourish your mind

Stop scrolling on your phone and pick up a book or listen to a podcast instead to lower your screen time and allow for your mind to go deeper. There’s nothing like getting immersed in a storyline and exercising your imagination for a while.

If you’re looking for self development books we recommend reading Atomic Habits and Becoming Supernatural to give yourself that extra boost of motivation.

Visualize your goals

Keep a physical vision board (or one on Pinterest) of what you want your life to look like in the present and in the future. This helps you focus on your goals and pinpoint the steps on how to get to your destination. Let’s focus on what we can change and not dwell on the past.

How to Become That Girl

What did you think of these tips? Tag us in your #ThatGirl videos on Tiktok @LuxyHair so we can peek your daily routine!

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