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Goldwell Blondes & Highlights vs Silver

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Goldwell Blondes & Highlights vs Silver: Which range is best to maintain my blonde hair?

Battling Brassiness: Dualsenses Blondes & Highlights Anti-Brassiness

For those with highlighted and blonde hair, the Goldwell Dualsenses Blondes & Highlights Anti-Brassiness range stands. Crafted with the original FadeStop Formula, this range takes on the challenge of preventing those unwelcome orange, yellow, and brassy tones. These tones can result from exposure to the elements. Embracing this range ensures that your hair retains its salon-perfect colour, radiant and free from fading.

At the heart of the Anti-Brassiness range lies the renowned FadeStop Formula. Goldwell designed this technologyl to keep your blonde and highlighted hair vibrant. This formula combats the detrimental effects of weather and sun exposure, ensuring that unwanted tones are neutralised. The result is shiny, healthy, and perfectly blonde locks.

Silver Sophistication: Goldwell Dualsenses Silver

Moving on to a different realm of haircare, the Goldwell Dualsenses Silver range caters specifically to those sporting ultra cool-toned blonde and grey hair. Experience the next generation of colour luminosity with the Dualsenses Silver Shampoo, a product that redefines how silver tones can be enhanced.

The Silver range introduces us to a unique arsenal such as the the FadeStopFormula. This distinct formula minimises the fading of colour, ensuring that your cool blonde and grey hair maintains its luminosity. The main difference of the Silver range is its ability to neutralise strong, unwanted yellow tones, instantly refining the cool effects and resulting in hair that’s nothing short of a silver masterpiece.

In the realm of Goldwell Dualsenses, two ranges emerge with different missions. The Goldwell Dualsenses Anti-Brassiness range focuses on preserving the integrity of highlighted and blonde hair, preventing brassy tones from taking over. On the other hand, the Silver range caters to ultra cool toned blonde and grey hair, illuminating it and combating strong yellow tones.

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