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Discover Mexico’s Heart-Opening Ley Lines

Once a sleepy Mexican fishing village on the Pacific Coast in Jalisco, Puerto Vallarta became famous in the 1960’s after the infamous film Night of the Iguana (1964) revealed to the world its spectacular beaches, lush jungles, and charismatic old town.

Now one of Mexico’s most popular tourist destinations, Puerto Vallarta draws sun seekers, foodies, and LGBTQ+ vacationers. Conscious travelers are also drawn to this city on the magical Bay of Banderas for a very different reason — ley lines. If you’re not already familiar, think of ley lines like veins of magnetic energy extending over land and water connecting the Earth’s vortexes and energy points. If you are familiar, leave us a comment below describing your experiences with ley lines!

In Puerto Vallarta, there are twelve ley lines that create an unmistakable feeling of connection and home that is attracting a new wave of tourists: wellness seekers. Whether you relax on a private white sand beach or enjoy Puerto Vallarta’s irresistible downtown, the energy of the ley lines draws you in with a feeling of coming home. Many report the feeling is so pronounced that some vacationers never leave.

Xinalani Yoga Retreat

Make it a full wellness vacation and visit any of the six gorgeous yoga studios at Xinalani, where private open-air thatched casita bungalows with outdoor showers and epic ocean views dot the rising jungle.

Hidden away on a white sand beach reachable only by boat, Xinalani is a haven for yoga lovers seeking personal transformation. Spread throughout 10 acres of pristine jungle, the eco-resort is a sustainable wildlife sanctuary. Six gorgeous yoga studios and private open-air thatched casita bungalows with outdoor showers and epic ocean views dot the rising jungle. Its restaurant overlooks the sparkling bay and serves fresh (mostly vegetarian) nutrient-dense local fare bursting with Jaliscan flavor. The beach club bar offers a menu of enviable farm-to-glass cocktails to enjoy as you mix and mingle with other like-minded guests on the beach or poolside.

Be as active as you want and deepen your yoga practice with all-inclusive retreat getaway, or drop into daily classes amid beach walks, paddleboarding, and star gazing. Treat yourself to a massage at the oceanfront spa or brave a Temazcal Mesoamerican purification ceremony. Day trip and swim with wild dolphins, watch whales breach in the bay, trek through the jungle amongst exotic birds or zip line over a canopy of treetops. A Wellness Day Pass is also available including lunch and all the beach and pool amenities.

Casa Kimberly Was Built for Love

Casa Kimberly is Elizabeth Taylor’s former hideaway—get a taste of old Hollywood during your Puerto Vallarta wellness retreat.

One of Puerto Vallarta’s ley lines run right through Our Lady of Guadeloupe Church in the Romantic Zone downtown. This is just one of the many reasons why you’ll fall in love with Casa Kimberly. Built for love, it’s one of the most romantic boutique hotels in the world. Staying here — even solo — is an act of self-love. For those who crave quiet luxury and elegance, Casa Kimberly is the perfect solution. Liz Taylor’s former hideaway has been transformed into a luxurious nine-suite boutique hotel. Two houses joined together by the Puente Del Amor (Bridge of Love), it’s perched just above the church on a cobblestone lane overlooking Banderas Bay and red clay-rooftops below.

The perfect intersection of luxury and wellness, enjoy a relaxing in-room breakfast on your private terrace with a jacuzzi and plunge pool. Its renowned restaurant, The Iguana, is open for guests only, creating an intimate lunch serving delicious vegetarian fare like beet-and-tomato gazpacho. At its world-famous tequila bar, catadores, expert tequila tasters, guide you through artisan tequila that’s only available in Mexico. All that and a nightly Mariachi concert with harmonies that warm your heart.

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Restore at Táu Beach Club

Puerto Vallarta contains twelve ley lines that some tourists believe have magical qualities. Whether you believe the legends or not, the area is definitely special.

Feet in the sand, sun on your face, drink in your hand… What could be better?

To escape the busy beaches of Puerto Vallarta’s Romantic Zone, head to the adults-only Velas Resorts Táu Beach Club. Táu represents the God Sun in the Wixárica culture, who restores energy and is said to be the source of life. Relax in a Balinese bed or book a massage with an onsite concierge. Enjoy an organic lunch brought to you from the chef’s daily fresh creations including traditional aguachile, ceviche, and a create-your-own guacamole bar. Swim in the ocean or dip in the pool, either way, you’ll be under the magical spell of the beach’s energetic ley lines.

Conscious Dining in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta travel is accessible for vegans and vegetarians, with many options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

One of the pleasures of Puerto Vallarta is outdoor dining with incredible views of the beach, jungle, and river. The Arts District is covered by the ley lines emitting high frequency vibrations. The area’s vibrant vegan and vegetarian dining scene is not to miss, even if you’re a meat-eater. Café des Artistes, under Chef Thierry, combines French and Mexican cuisine creating a mouthwatering vegetarian tasting menu paired with fabulous Mexican wines from Valle de Guadalupe and Valle de Parras. Each dish is a visual work of art combining exquisite textures, colors, and layers of flavors. Dine in the lush garden with towering bamboo and romantic lighting where the atmosphere is like a dream.

Tintoque, perched along the Cuale River, is another restaurant in downtown Puerto Vallarta where young chef Joel Ornelas is making a statement with his award-winning tasting menu with a twist on traditional Jaliscan flavors. Try a sumptuous salad of summer tomatoes, wasabi and fermented vegetables, or roasted cabbage, beet hummus with tonka bean and pine nut vinaigrette with a spicy parsley salad.

Puerto Vallarta’s magnificent beaches, sparkling Bay of Banderas, and lush jungle running up the Sierra Madre Mountains amongst its magnetic ley lines give wellness seekers a deep sense of place and connection that’s a powerful heart opener. This deep feeling of home just may draw you back time and time again.

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