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Disability Advocates Concerned About Eligibility for Dental Care Plan

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Disability advocates are warning that the upcoming Canadian dental care plan may have eligibility gaps for those with disabilities.

The details of the plan are due to be announced later this fall, but the goal is to have kids under the age of 18, seniors, and people with disabilities covered with the program.

It has not been announced how people will be required to prove that they have a disability in order to qualify but Global News reported it is often based on the list of people who “access the disability tax credit to determine who should receive other disability-related programs, said Disability Without Poverty national director Rabia Khedr.”

The disability advocate pointed out this group of people may not be the best list to work from as it relies on people filing their taxes, which many with low incomes or lack of resources do not do.

Read more on this story from Global News.

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