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Dentist Sued for Performing Over 30 Procedures in a Single Visit

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A Minnesota dentist is being sued by a patient for negligent treatment after performing four root canals, eight crowns and 20 fillings in a single visit.

The treatment took place in July 2020, leaving patient Kathleen Wilson with serious injuries and in need of much follow-up care. Wilson has filed her civil action suit, accusing the dentist of providing an unsafe dosage of anesthesia and falsifying medical records.

StarTribune reported, “Wilson said she suffered pain, embarrassment, disfigurement and distress. She is asking for at least $50,000 in damages.”

Expert Dr. Avrum Goldstein reviewed her medical records and found that while the accused dentist did correctly diagnose Wilson, the treatment was poor. He shared, regarding the attempted treatment, that “it is not humanely possible” to fix 28 teeth in one visit.

Read the full story from StarTribune.

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