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Cutting-edge Implant Technology Developed by UCLA Researchers

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Researchers from UCLA School of Dentistry have developed dental implant technology “that ensures near-perfect osseointegration, faster healing times, and significantly reduced complications for patients,” reports the school. The team was led by Takahiro Ogawa, D.D.S., Ph.D..

The team discovered a method of using ultraviolet (UV) light treatment to improve efficiency of dental implants, provide faster healing times, and reduce complications that are common for implant patients, such as peri-implantitis. The UV treatment is done chairside just before the implant procedure takes place.

Implants treated with UV light show nearly 100% bone integration and reduce bacterial susceptibility by 60%, making implants a more viable options for even more patients such as those with diabetes or other health issues.

Read more about the research from UCLA School of Dentistry.

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