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Caraway Non-Toxic Cookware Review: 5 Gorgeous Kitchen Pieces to Gift Mom for Mother’s Day

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Up your Mother’s Day Brunch game with Caraway’s nontoxic cookware. The Iconics collection comes with gold-hued handles—classy, classy!

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Make your mom’s year: Upgrade her kitchen without the expense of remodeling. Caraway’s sleek, colorful, and downright gorgeous cookware and bakeware will elevate her kitchen (and make her the envy of the neighborhood). We’re not saying she’ll want to cook for you more often, but we’re not saying she won’t.

Here’s What Makes Caraway Cookware Safe and Healthy 

Caraway is free of PTFE, PFOA, and heavy metals, and locks in the health and nutrition of your food. With a new set, you’re upgrading  her health and her kitchen in the process.

On top of being non-toxic and clean, Caraway cookware is so pretty, it will give your space a whole new look. With a new set, you’re upgrading both your health and your kitchen in the process, making it easier to stick to your new health goals—seriously.

While they are not the only brand of non-toxic, non-stick cookware on the market, they are among our faves (consult our guide to safe and non-toxic cookware for other options we’ve tested and reviewed).

We’ve rounded up 5 of our favorite swoon-worthy pieces to help you make some tough decisions. (If it’s too tough, you can always treat your mom AND yourself.)

Summer Savings! Caraway’s Summer Refresh Event is live! Save 10% off site wide across all non-toxic kitchen essentials June 20th – July 15th. Give your Kitchen the refresh it deserves. Early holiday shopping anyone? Discount applied at checkout. Read on to learn more.

After you’ve read our top picks, be sure to read on about why Caraway’s non-toxic, non-stick actually works (as opposed to many other brands that fail in as little as 3 months! We’ve tried them all. Really (read our guides to safe, healthy cookware and safe bakeware.). And if you really want to nerd out, jump over to our deep-dive review of Caraway’s non-toxic cookware with an interview with the brand afterward.

Btw, we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk and make sure all cookware that we review holds up to use, as well as meeting all of the clean and sustainability standards that we value at Organic Authority.

Caraway Cookware Tested by Resident Chef, Laura Klein

Trained chef and editor-in-chief Laura Klein has tested a lot of non-toxic cookware from different brands for years. Yes, really. Most non-toxic nonstick pots and pans don’t last past three months, six if you’re lucky and treat it perfectly. Even then, most end up being recycled in six. They are simply too thin, burn up food easily with hot spots, and the non-stick coating doesn’t last.

Laura started testing Caraway’s non-toxic cookware shortly after they launched as a brand. She was impressed by not just the high design, but the quality of the cookware itself. It carries a heavier weight, which gives improved heat conduction and has a more solid feel to it.

The nonstick surface also performs much better than other brands and lasts much longer. You don’t need a huge amount of oil to help keep it non-sticky. But you do still have to treat it with care (i.e., you can’t treat it like your stainless steel, carbon steel, or cast iron cookware). That means no metal utensils, use only wood or silicone, and she recommends you wash by hand (stay away from harsh wire scrubbers). Because the non-stick surface works so well, cleaning is really easy. There’s no hard scrubbing needed.

And it’s stood the test of time. Laura still uses her first set of Caraway cookware which is over three years old. You can be secure in knowing your set will last for years and that your investment isn’t going to waste.

5 Must-Have Non-Toxic, Non-Stick Caraway Cookware Pieces

1. The Caraway Cookware Set

The Iconics cookware set comes with gold-hued handles—classy, classy!

If you’re searching for a full kit, the standard Caraway Cookware Set is where it’s at. This 7-piece set is perfect for any new recipe you’ve got cooking this year (like this insanely delicious oatmeal with caramelized bananas) and comes with a 10.5 inch frying pan, a 3 quart saucepan and lid, a 4.5 quart saute pan and lid, a 6.5 quart dutch oven, and of course, a canvas lid storage bag and magnetic storage for all of your fancy new pans.

Save $150 when you purchase this bestselling cookware as a set, though you can certainly purchase pieces individually depending on your needs. Either way, you can choose from 10 different color combinations, including their new Iconics collection, which includes rose quartz, sapphire, black and white with the most gorgeous goddess-like gold handles. 

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2. Caraway Mini Duos

These Caraway lean, mean (let’s face it, adorable) cooking machines, come in 8 colors.

If your mom doesn’t cook very much or doesn’t cook for that many people, the Caraway mini duos are the best option. This 3-piece set includes an 8 inch frying pan and a 7 inch saucepan with lid. They come in 8 colors, including two of the Iconics colors: white and black with gold handles (we swoon).

If whomever you are buying for lives in a small space with limited storage, their mini duos can dub as a beautiful piece of art that will add a pop of culture and beauty to their space from their shining place on top of the stove. Bellissimo!

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3. The Bakeware Set

Shown here in Iconics White, Caraway’s non-toxic cookware is simply too pretty to store away.

If your mom is more of a baker than a cook (bless her), then this is the set for her. This coconut flour paleo banana bread and easy paleo egg muffins will effortlessly pop right out of the pan intact. 

Caraway’s bakeware comes with all the benefits of their cookware: non-toxic, non-stick, ceramic coating with an aluminum core. The aluminum core design underneath the non toxic ceramic coating—along with the durability of the design of each pan—allows for even heat distribution. This is especially important when you’re baking. Nobody wants raw cookies on one side and burnt on the other (do leave a comment below if this is actually your favorite cookie style).

Now let’s talk colors (yay!). Beyond the bespoke colors, the bakeware set is now also offered in the Iconics Collection in black or white with glamorous gold handles.

The Caraway bakeware set is a 11 piece set that comes with 2 magnetic storage units, a cooling rack, a 12 cup muffin pan, 2 baking sheets, a 9X13 inch rectangular pan, a loaf pan, a 9 inch square pan and 2 9 inch circle pans. You save $150 when you buy them as a set, but you can purchase pieces individually as needed.

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4. Food Storage Set

These versatile Caraway clean storage containers come in 6 colors.

Help your mom save money, ditch the plastic (for good) and say goodbye to a disorganized refrigerator once and for all. She can store all of her home-cooked faves (this sweet potato pasta with garlic tahini sauce makes great leftovers, and this creamy ricotta pasta with mushrooms and spinach is perfect for meal prep) in these ceramic-coated glass containers to keep food extra fresh and organized.

These are not your mama’s old, stained Tupperware containers—This 11-piece set comes with 3 storage organizers so you never have to search for the lid that goes with the corresponding container. These cute and versatile containers come in 6 colors and are free of BPA, PTFE’s and PFAs. They are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe. Save $50 when you order them as a set.

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5. Whistling Tea Kettle

Pour your morning cuppa’ from this mod beauty. She shines.

Whether your mom likes to cozy up with an evening cup of tea, or wants to do double duty when boiling water for pasta, these lovely kettles make the job more enjoyable.

Caraway’s whistling tea kettle is stunning on the stovetop, comes in seven gorgeous colors, and just like the other Caraway kitchenware, makes for a beautiful centerpiece on every stove. It’s free of lead and cadmium, PTFE, PFOA and other PFA’s, and has a 2 quart capacity. It’s made of non-toxic ceramic-coated stainless steel, and is designed for fast boiling, and comes with a handy pot holder.

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About Caraway Home

Caraway has made a name for itself with fun colorways and functional products that live up to the hype.

From their ethical manufacturing process (they support BSCI and SMETA certified manufacturing partners where employees are safe, paid fairly, given benefits, and work regulated hours) to their sustainable packaging (all orders are free of any single-use plastics, shipped in recycled cardboard packaging, and include biodegradable cork trivets) to their consideration for the planet (their cookware releases less CO2 into the environment when manufactured compared to traditional non-stick coatings) and of course to their dedication to making cooking healthier and easier with non-toxic non-stick ceramic coating, we are smitten with Caraway.

The Caraway Cookware Set is incredibly useful cooking everything from eggs, to fish to pasta sauces and more.

A Non-Toxic Non-Stick That Actually Works

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges with non-toxic non-stick pots and pans is that the pans quickly lose their non-stick slickness and food and delicate items like eggs and fish start to stick to the pan. We found that Caraway’s ceramic coating was more durable than most non-toxic, non-stick, and is free of toxic PFOA, PTFE and other PFAs (read our article to learn more, The Reason PTFE Nonstick Pans Aren’t Safe, It has Something to Do with Loose Regulations and Our Drinking Water). According to WebMD, the use of these chemicals and other heavy metals like lead and cadmium (none of which you’ll find in Caraway products) have been linked to increased risk for cancer, changes in liver function, increased cholesterol, thyroid disease, increases in blood pressure and more1

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The Caraway cookware set comes with its own storage rack. 

Pots and Pans for Cooking and Storage

Caraway cookware is also transferable from the stove to the oven and can handle heat up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. And did we mention how beautiful they are? Their sleek, yet elegant design and colors are positively stunning.

But don’t just take our word for it! According to Piper Mangieri, a mother of two and owner of Mangieri’s Pizza Cafe in Austin, compared to other non-toxic options on the market, Caraway is unmatched by way of non-stick and durability. She loves the organization system that comes with every Caraway purchase of a cookware set that includes magnetic pan racks and canvas lid holders for easy storage and super useful cork trivets. This brilliantly convenient storage helps limit the chips and scratches that seem to be inevitable with non-stick cookware.

“But even if you don’t use the organization system, I still find that their products are incredibly durable,” says Mangieri, “Caraway is the answer to non-toxic cooking at home. It’s simply the best I’ve found,” she says.

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Only products we stand behind 100% earn Organic Authority Approved status. Caraway cookware is a beautiful modern upgrade.

Organic Authority Approved Clean Cookware

We’ve chosen Caraway as an Organic Authority Approved clean cookware option because we appreciate the company’s transparency when it comes to their production practices, their design, and their product’s efficacy. To learn more about what determines Organic Authority Approved status, read The Organic Authority Approved Manifesto.

Still don’t know which pots and pans are right for you or your loved ones? Take our Cookware Quiz to get more personalized recommendations. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to find out about our latest discoveries in non-toxic living.


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