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B.C. Woman Stole Nearly $150,000 from Dental Clinic

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A B.C. woman has been sentenced to jail for 20 months for stealing nearly $150,000 from her employer Dr. Maureen Murray Dental Clinic.

The dental receptionist pleaded guilty to crimes related to fraud, theft and falsifying records. One of the crimes included depositing over 200 insurance cheques for the dental clinic into her personal bank account.

CTV News reported a number of other crimes including, “billing insurance companies for services that were never provided, overcharging patients, failing to issue refunds or credits when they were owed, and double-dipping to collect more than 100 per cent of what was owed when patients had coverage from more than one provider.”

The actions of Christina Leigh Bornais have caused a great loss for Dr. Murray and the dental clinic and it is impossible to figure out how many transactions were legitimate or not over the six-year period these crimes took place.

Read the full story from CTV News.

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