8 Ways to Enjoy Bath Time – 100% PURE

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Get ready for the best news all day: baths have benefits! A long soak in the bath can elevate your mood, help you sleep better, and relieve muscle pain. And while all you really need is hot water, there are certainly ways to boost your bathtime to max your relaxation. With that being said, grab your favorite bubble bath and bath products! Here are 8 ways to enjoy bathtime.

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8 Ways to Enjoy Bathtime

#1: Bring a Book
Today is, in fact, National Read in the Bathtub Day! So, of course, you ought to bring a book with you to the tub.

Try choosing a read that aligns with the type of atmosphere you’re looking to create. Something uplifting and motivating can make a great addition to your morning bath. But if you’re creating a cozy, relaxing atmosphere, you might want to indulge in something romantic. And then, of course, the less faint of heart might spend their soak with a gripping thriller.

But of course, if you already have a novel you’re invested in, bring that! More than anything, it’s important to be reading something you’re excited about.

#2: Invite Some AI Along
Nothing creates a spa-like atmosphere quite like some music, especially when you have AI to better streamline it (and you can use voice commands!).

Whether you have an Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri, invite along some AI so you can safely enjoy your tunes. There are tons of spa playlists on Spotify or choose one of your own relaxing playlists. Soothing music and relaxing lavender bath products are the perfect combo!

#3: Time Your Bathtime Right
We often associate bathtime strictly with relaxation. But believe it or not, a bath can be used to enhance any moment of your day, especially morning and night.

Baths are great for a good night’s sleep. That’s not only because they’re relaxing, but also because our body temperature tends to drop once we leave the bath and re-enter the cool air, and this may help improve sleep quality.

And while this might make a morning bath sound counterintuitive, it might actually be the best way to ease into the day. All too often, our mornings are “go, go, go”. While a bath might take a bit more prep work than a quick shower, a bath is going to help you slow down and reflect on the day ahead. And this is a good thing because when we wake up and get ready for the day with racing thoughts, we can end up taking that anxiety into the rest of our day.

If you’re planning on using the time of day to your advantage, try utilizing natural light for your bathtime. If you have good light in your bathroom, try taking a bath at dawn in order to ground yourself. While you’re at it, refresh your skin with a cooling sheet mask. And if you’re taking a wind-down bath in the evening, try timing it around sunset to encourage a more restful evening.

#4: DIY a Spa Manicure
You’re already in the tub, so you might as well keep the spa vibes going. And what better way to do so than with a DIY manicure? If you prefer to stay busy while you bathe, bring your nail file and your favorite nail color to the tub. Check out our blog here to learn the safest nail color brands.

Plus, our next tip might make your at-home manis a bit easier.

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#5: Invest in a Side Table or Tub Tray
Now, this step actually applies to all of these steps, because it can seriously elevate your entire bathtime experience. Try investing in a bathtub tray. Bathtub trays can perch across your tub so that you basically have a table hovering over your waist. They can hold all of your bathing needs like candles, a beverage, a good book, or your supplies for a DIY mani.

#6: Prep an Oil Treatment for Bathtime
You know you’ve had a good bath when your skin’s feeling soft. An oil treatment makes for the perfect setup for this. A hair oil treatment takes a little preparation before your bath, but it’ll totally be worth it. Here’s a basic recipe from The Farmer’s Almanac:

½ c. Olive oil (May reduce to ¼ c. for short hair)
¼ t. Peppermint oil
¼ t. Vegetable glycerin

Heat combined ingredients briefly in a pot on the stove or in a bowl in the microwave until warm, but not hot. Standing with your head and hair hanging over the sink or tub, pour the warm oil onto your hair and gently massage into the scalp and all of the hair.

Put hair on top of head and into a shower cap. Top with the dry, hot towel. Leave on head for 30 minutes while you relax. While your hair treatment is in, it’s a great time to grab another of our favorite bath products, lavender body scrub, and give your feet a nice polishing.

Draw a warm bath and wash hair while in the tub. The oil treatment from your hair will moisturize your dry skin while you bathe.

If you’re not in the mood to go through all of the steps to complete a hot oil treatment, try adding some essential oil to the bath for some instant aromatherapy. You can hydrate your skin with some nourishing oils to add to your bubble bath, like our Gentle Shower Oil.

#7: Add a Hair Mask Before Getting In
A nice soak in a bubble bath can do the body some good. But why not treat the hair, as well? Adding a hair mask before starting your bath will give it time to work its magic on your hair. Plus, the steam from the bath can help your mask work even better. You can find a ton of hair masks on the market, or you can soak your strands in a great oil, like argan oil.

#8: Mist and Reset
Bathtime can be a relaxing, revitalizing time. But the moments after the bath matter just as much! After your bath, rehydrate your face with a face mist, or if you need a cooldown, a facial oil.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bath Time

What are some essential items to enhance my bath time experience?

To enhance your bath time experience, consider adding a few key items: bath salts or a bath bomb for a relaxing, aromatic soak; essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus for their calming properties; a soft bath pillow for comfort; and gentle, moisturizing soap for a luxurious lather. Don’t forget a plush towel and a cozy robe for after your bath.

How can I create a spa-like atmosphere at home for my bath time?

To create a spa-like atmosphere at home, focus on engaging all your senses. Light scented candles or use a diffuser with relaxing essential oils, play soft, soothing music or nature sounds, and dim the lights or use warm-colored light bulbs. Consider using a bath caddy to hold a book, a glass of wine, or a cup of herbal tea to enjoy while you soak.

Can adding Epsom salts to my bath benefit my skin and muscles?

Yes, adding Epsom salts to your bath can have several benefits. Epsom salts, composed of magnesium sulfate, are known for their ability to soothe sore muscles and reduce stiffness. They can also help to exfoliate the skin, leaving it softer and smoother. The magnesium in Epsom salts can also promote relaxation and stress relief.

What are some tips for ensuring bath time is a relaxing experience?

To ensure a relaxing bath time, try to minimize distractions. This might mean putting your phone on silent, locking the door to prevent interruptions, or ensuring you have a good amount of time set aside for yourself. Consider incorporating relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or meditation during your bath. Ensure the water temperature is comfortably warm – not too hot, as overly hot water can be drying to the skin.

How can I incorporate aromatherapy into my bath time routine?

Incorporating aromatherapy into your bath time is simple and can significantly enhance the experience. Add a few drops of essential oils directly into the bathwater or use bath products infused with essential oils. Popular choices for relaxation include lavender, chamomile, and ylang-ylang. For a more invigorating bath, consider citrus scents like lemon or orange. Remember, a little goes a long way with essential oils.

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