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Just like you shouldn’t put the ‘skin’ cart before your available balance, you shouldn’t put skincare before your skin type. While you can slather on skincare products without knowing your skin’s personality, following a tailored skincare routine will keep your skin healthy and balanced.

But if you’re a skincare newbie, trying to navigate a market saturated with skincare products can be like walking through a minefield. Don’t fret – we have your feet (and back)! At 100% PURE, we’re committed to providing clean, effective solutions for beginners ready to embark on their skincare journey.

We’re diving deep into the most common skin types, sharing skincare tips on finding your type. We’ll be exploring how to care for each type and how certain products can work best for your skin! It’s time to take your skin type and cart by the handle as we embark on your journey to find the best skincare products suitable for all beginners and to flawless skin.

Understanding Your Skin Type

Healthy skin is always in, but balanced skin? Easier said than done. Many of our skincare concerns must do with skin behavior that is not 100% under our control, thanks to our predetermined skin type. Much like a body type, we don’t get to choose it, and we’re essentially born with it.

But with some skincare tips, we can help troubleshoot your way to healthy, glowing skin – no matter your skin type!

Today we’ll be diving into the four most common skin types, sharing the characteristics of each. We’ll be talking more about how to choose the right skincare products and explaining how you can find your skin type at home.

Oily Skin
On one end of the skin spectrum, you have the slick and devious skin type. As its name suggests, oily skin is characterized by an overproduction of sebum – the skin’s natural oil. You’ll notice a shiny or slick texture on the surface of your face, most common in what’s called the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin), due to excess oil production.

While a certain amount of oil is healthy and necessary to keep the skin supple and balanced, an excess of oil can lead to a shiny and greasy complexion, enlarged pores, and a higher likelihood of clogged pores and acne. This skin type benefits from non-comedogenic products that won’t clog pores, as well as purifying and hydrating ingredients that help balance sebum production.

Combination Skin
Combination skin is like a random patchwork; it’s somewhat dry, sort of normal, occasionally oily skin all pieced together. We can often be expected to patch together skincare tips tailored to the other types to create our perfect skincare routine. This kind of skin also has some periods where things are balanced or off-keel. Typically, the forehead, nose, and chin may be oily, while the cheeks and other parts of the face may be dry or normal.

The most important thing about combination skin is that it doesn’t always behave the same. This skin type can be challenging to manage due to its dual nature, but where there’s a ‘skin’ will, there’s a way! This skin type benefits from products that can both purify and balance the different facial zones – plus add hydration to drier areas.

Dry Skin
On the far other end of the skin spectrum, dry skin types have little to no sebum and need all the hydration they can get. Dry skin lacks the necessary lipids and natural oils to retain moisture, resulting in a complexion that may appear dull, rough, or flaky. This skin type is prone to early signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. Highly moisturizing and hydrating products with anti-aging ingredients are beneficial for dry skin, aiming to replenish the skin’s moisture barrier and impart a healthy, youthful glow.

Sensitive Skin
Sensitive skin is like the crybaby of the types. It can react adversely to just about anything, from various environmental and dietary factors to skincare products and cosmetics. This skin type is often characterized by sensitivities, redness, itching, burning, or dryness.

People with sensitive skin need to be particularly mindful of the ingredients in their skincare products, as harsh chemicals can strip skin or irritate skin, provoke flare-ups or allergic reactions. As a result, it’s recommended to lean towards hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and natural products when possible.

So, while using the beneficial information and handy tips above on the common skin types, how can you determine your own skin type? There are a couple of simple tests you can perform at home to help you determine your skin type. Here are some methods you can use:

The “watch and wait” method:

This at-home test allows you to discover your unique skin type by watching how your skin behaves after cleansing and waiting for the results.

#1. To start, wash your face with a gentle natural cleanser, then gently pat it dry.

#2. Wait 30 minutes. Relax, and rest; you’ve earned it.

#3. Time is up!

If your skin appears shiny throughout, you likely have oily skin.
If the shine is only in your T-zone, you probably have combination skin.
If it feels tight and is flaky or scaly, you likely have dry skin.
If your skin feels dry, irritated, red, itchy or tight, you likely have sensitive skin.

The blotting sheet method:

When pressed to the skin, blotting sheets absorb oil—and you can use them to help you understand what type of skin you have.

#1. To start, wash your face with a gentle natural cleanser, then gently pat it dry.

#2. Wait 30 minutes. It’s time for R&R!

#3. Now press blotting sheets to various areas of your face, then hold the sheets up to the light to look for any oil markings.

If the sheets soaked up an abundance of oil from all areas of the face, you have oily skin.
If the sheets show only a small amount of oil from your T-zone, you have combination skin.
If they absorb little to no oil, then you probably have dry or sensitive skin.

The 100% PURE quiz

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned skincare enthusiast, the 100% PURE skincare quiz can help you find your ideal products based on your skin type and concern. It’s as easy as a selecting your skin type (dry, oily, combo, normal) from a drop-down menu, followed by selecting your top skincare concern (Aging, Brightening/Dark Spots, Dehydration, Redness/Sensitivity) from another drop-down menu.

And, viola! A list of targeted skincare products based off your selections will come up for your review. These curated beauty goodies, from daytime to nighttime products, will give you the best tailored skincare routines for healthy, happy skin!

Those with sensitive skin are probably already aware of their temperamental skin. It’s important to remember that any skin type can also be sensitive or prone to acne or breakouts, though those with normal skin may be less likely to experience either. However, with the right skincare routine, you can find the perfect balance between your skin type and your ultimate skin goals.


Essential Skincare Steps for Beginners

With so many skincare options out there, it can be overwhelming to find the best skincare routine suitable for beginners. Whether you’re just starting out or need a refresher, it can be a challenge to determine an effective skincare routine. We wanted to take that guesswork and any stress off your skincare plate!

Check out our basic, yet comprehensive skincare routine suitable for all beginners, including cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and applying sunscreen. This routine feature products with the highest-quality natural ingredients that are designed for your individual needs and specially curated to make your complexion look and feel its best!

#1. Cleansing

Why? You wouldn’t push a cart around without test-driving it – hello, wonky wheels – would you?! It’s the same concept with your skin: an effective beauty routine starts with a smooth, deeply cleansed dermis. Before you try to reap the full benefits from your skincare products, focus on removing the impurities – from makeup to dirt and oil – from your skin without stripping its precious barrier.

How it Helps: Washing your face once with a conventional cleanser is unlikely to remove all the makeup and/or sunscreen on your skin. Thoroughly removing makeup with an effective cleanser is incredibly important for avoiding breakouts and lessening signs of aging. Makeup residue that’s left on overnight can cause skin fatigue, clogged pores, and other skin concerns. We recommend removing your makeup thoroughly before cleansing your skin.

What to Use: Start with washing your face well with a hydrating cleanser that can sweep away dirt and oil, while adding hydration to any dry patches. Our Nopal Cactus Cleanser is made from nature’s cleansers like aloe vera, nopal cactus, and prickly pear. Nopal is a desert superstar packed with antioxidants and polysaccharides, which can help skin absorb and retain moisture. It is great for keeping your skin clean, healthy, and balanced!

#2. Toning

Why? Using a natural toner comes next to clear leftover debris (including loosened dirt, oils, and dead skin cells) from cleansing. It also preps the skin for the following power players in your skincare routine.

How it Helps: Toning your skin after cleansing deeply hydrates and balances skin pH levels, resulting in a soothed, refreshed complexion. For rehydration and deep-sweep cleansing, you don’t want to miss out on this essential prep step that will elevate your entire beginner’s skincare game.

What to Use: After cleansing, apply the Flower Water Toner using a cotton pad or your fingertips. This toner features nutrient-packed waters and hyaluronic acid to lock in hydration resulting in a plumped, softened, and soothed complexion. Plant peptides, stem cells, ceramides and vitamins increase elasticity and firmness while helping with any aging concerns.

#3. Moisturizing

Why? There’s a reason moisturizers are the most-bought skincare product. They hydrate and balance skin – and all skin types need moisture! Not only does the natural moisture in your skin start evaporating as you age, certain skin types will also endure skin hardships without moisture. Dry skin needs moisturization to hydrate and maintain skin’s optimal pH, while oily skin types will overcompensate with even more oil if there’s no moisturizer in place. Using a natural moisturizer will keep your complexion healthy, happy, and radiant.

How it Helps: Picking the right natural moisturizer is the key to getting the desired result. Your skin will only look fresh and alive when the moisturizer will provide what it needs. For oily skin without moisture, your dermis will lose its balance and start producing more oil, which could lead to clogged pores and acne. Dry skin types, on the other hand, may experience extra dryness, dehydration, and even irritation without proper moisture. A lack of moisturization for dry skin may exasperate fine lines and wrinkles.

What to Use: If you’ve ever wanted a silky-smooth facial moisturizer that doubles as a complexion booster, here’s your answer! Our Seaberry Moisturizer softens skin with hydrating aloe, while fortifying with anti-aging antioxidants from grape and sea buckthorn. It also enlists its star ingredient, seaberry, to pack a heavy dose of many omegas and 12 times more vitamin C than an orange for a super-radiant complexion.

#4. Protecting

Why? If we could shout its importance from the rooftop, I scream, you scream, we all scream (and screen) for sunscreen – and, of course, ice cream! To keep your skin looking healthy and young, it’s important to protect it from the sun’s harmful rays – and from harm from conventional sunscreen formulas!

And just like not all ice cream is made equal, not all SPF is created equal – or even healthy! Thankfully, there’s been an upshift towards natural alternatives, driven by concerns about the potential health risks and the environmental impact of chemically laden sunscreens. This shift signifies a growing awareness of the need to protect our skin and the planet simultaneously.

How it Helps: Like a double-edged circle, the sun provides many advantages – say, life on Earth wouldn’t exist, for starters. But unfortunately, it has its health and skin disadvantages for us planet dwellers who don’t regularly wear adequate sun protection. Sunscreen is meant to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, and it’s hard to emphasize how important this one product is for your delicate dermis.

Sunscreen specifically shields your skin from the ultraviolet (UV) rays, which consist of UVA rays that are most associated with long-term aging of the skin, and UVB (burning) rays, which are attributed to sunburn. UVA light penetrates all levels of the skin, from the epidermis down to the dermis. This damaging light can affect the collagen and elastin fibers that keep your skin smooth and plump.

If UVB light reaches the epidermis; it can cause photoaging, damage DNA, and trigger the formation of precancerous cells as well as excess melanin production. Melanin is a pigment that’s meant to protect the skin from the sun’s rays, but it results in the appearance of dark spots, popped blood vessels in the skin, sunburns, premature aging, and an increased risk of skin cancer.

What to Use: Combine the green tea benefits for skin and SPF power in one single sunscreen lotion with our Green Tea SPF 30. Made with zinc oxide, potent Camellia sinensis (green tea) leaf extract, and vitamin E, your skin will be more than protected from harmful UV rays. The moisturizing power of green tea and aloe juice quench parched skin, and the addition of rosehip seed oil adds an extra boost of vitamin C to the mix.

DO NOT SKIMP on your sunscreen – even on cloudy days – or we’ll scream!


Choosing the Right Products

With a plethora of skincare products out there on the market, it can be overwhelming trying to select the right products for your skin type, especially for beginners! Whether you have oily, dry, combination or sensitive skin, choosing high-quality products tailored to your skin type and concerns is critical in finding a natural beauty product that will make your complexion look and feel its best.

Let’s delve into the best clean, natural ingredients found in 100% PURE’s skincare product line, and how these formulas will benefit your skin type – plus we’ll share some tips on what ingredients to look for or avoid!

Dry Skin:

If you feel your skin falls into the dry category, think about what you do with your skin now and how those steps make your skin feel. Do you notice you are driest in the morning, after cleansing, or in the evening? Do you have an area of your face that feels particularly dry, more than anywhere else? Learning what your triggers are for dry skin can help you to achieve balance.

Dry skin loves:

Exfoliation! Dry skin can become clogged with dead skin cells trapping skin-produced oil inside the pores. To avoid blackheads and breakouts, exfoliate no less than once a week. This allows moisture to properly penetrate the skin without clogging or uselessly laying over the top while eliminating flakiness.

Hydration, especially hydration over cream. Think silky and rich superfruit oils and moisturizing components like aloe vera gel, vitamin E, sunflower, olive, and avocado oils. Many of these hydrating ingredients can be found in our Super Fruit Facial Oil. This non-greasy pure facial oil is made by cold pressing the seeds of fruits that are enriched with antioxidants like acai and goji berries. It is great for increasing skin elasticity and a youthful glow.

Another great way to aid parched skin is by adding a super hydrating cleansing milk. Our Calendula Flower Cleansing Milk gently sweeps away dirt, sunblock, and environmental pollutants, using moisturizing sea buckthorn oil, hydrating rose hydrosol, and calming chamomile to deeply nourish and soften dry skin.

Follow with a toner to let your inner radiant glow set in. Our Restorative Sea Culture Hydrating Toner features a protein-rich and super-hydrating base of chia seed water to help soothe even the most driest skin. Superstar ingredient hyaluronic acid pulls water into the skin and locks it in there. This hydration hero amplifies the moisturizing power of the other hydrating ingredients in this toner.

Dry skin hates:

Mattifying, and clarifying ingredients like charcoal, kaolin clay, and tea tree oil. These can make dry skin feel tighter and even more uncomfortable. Surfactants are a nightmare for dry skin, too! Avoid harsh cleansing agents that strip the skin, cause irritation, and hasten signs of aging.

Oily Skin:

Oily skin is often smooth and radiant, and has a nice bounce to it. However, managing the excess oil can be a full-time job. Though oily skin can feel slick to the touch, it is crying out for better moisture and balance. Though it may sound counterintuitive, oily skin needs adequate hydration to reach balance and skin Zen. We’ll show you how to accomplish this!

Oily skin loves:

Gentle exfoliation, which can work wonders for the pores! Using a physical exfoliant can clear them of excess sebum for less clogging and fewer breakouts. Our Pore Detox Herbal Cleanser gently polishes the skin and cleanses the pores with dandelion and neem, unclogs and minimizes the appearance of pores, and reduces excess oil with green clay for a clear complexion.

Balancing and clarifying ingredients. Utilize herbs, essential oils, and detoxifying ingredients like neem and tea tree. Witch hazel, peppermint oil, and tea tree like those found in our Tea Tree Concentrated Spot Treatment can communicate with the skin’s sebum generators and help gradually create better-balanced skin.

Moisture, despite the popular belief that oily skin doesn’t like or need it. Being sure to treat the skin with all the nutrient-rich moisturizers possible means that oiliness is kept as low as possible. In your daily skincare routine for oily skin, don’t be afraid to lay on the hydration with a quick-absorbing moisturizer, like our Tea Tree Balancing Moisturizer. This skin-balancing moisturizer replenishes essential hydration with soothing aloe while calming inflamed skin with cooling peppermint oil and antibacterial tea tree.

Oily skin hates:

Too much cleansing (ironically) can cause the skin to produce even more oil. Cleanse your skin a normal amount (twice daily and after working out or heavy activity) but don’t overuse your anti-acne, anti-oil cleanser. Instead, try something softening, hydrating, and creamy before bed to give your skin a break.

Combination Skin:

As we mentioned earlier, combination skin can be a bit tricky to care for because it is unpredictable. It has the best of both worlds, meaning that there are times when this skin type is low-maintenance and balanced. But, to keep it that way, we need a consistent skin regimen that addresses both oily and dry areas with specific products.

Combo skin loves:

Nourishment is the best medicine for skin that just won’t be on its best behavior. Vitamins such as E and C help to balance and brighten the skin. Amino acids and proteins help maintain skin elasticity, while rich minerals help calm and smooth skin.

Adding a balancing cleanser that can sweep away dirt and oil while moisturizing dry areas can tone your complexion for a balanced, rejuvenated glow. Our Fermented Rice Water Cleanser ticks these boxes by featuring fermented rice water (Sake), which is rich in enzymes, amino acids, malic acid, minerals, and vitamins to brighten, gently exfoliate, and deeply soften skin.

Adding a toner into your routine, such as our Fermented Rice Water Toner, is a great way to address both dry and oily patches with the best, balanced results. A concentration of white mulberry, shiitake mushroom, licorice, and citrus balances skin tone, lessens the appearance of dark spots and brightens.

Layers of lightweight moisture via essences and serums. The light hydration is exactly what dry skin needs. This doesn’t overwhelm neutral or oily skin, and the calming ingredients inside usually help bring skin to harmony. Our Fermented Rice Water Serum is designed to do all this plus replace lost moisture while giving skin a healthier glow.

Combo skin hates:

Heavy, thick creams. While the idea of this sounds luxurious, it can suffocate dry areas and slide right off oily areas of the skin. Stick to hydrating formulas for better and more effective results.

Sensitive Skin:

Sensitive skin can be challenging to manage, especially when it comes to selecting the right skincare routine for beginners. Opt for natural formulas promoted as a soothing and safe option for sensitive skin. However, not all natural products are created equal.

When choosing skincare products for sensitive skin, look for those with limited ingredients and avoid fragrances and harsh chemicals. Additionally, always check for hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic labeling, which indicates that the product is less likely to clog pores and cause allergic reactions.

Sensitive skin loves:

When your skin reacts to every ingredient under the sun, look for clean formulas without any synthetic fragrances or harsh chemicals. Ingredients like rose, feverfew, and vitamin E will hydrate and soothe skin without irritating your protective barrier.

Adding a soothing cleanser that can sweep away dirt and oil while deeply hydrating dry areas can hydrate and calm your complexion for a balanced, rejuvenated glow. Our Rose Water Gel Cleanser employs balancing rose hydrosol, toning white tea, and a blend of calming florals to replenish dry skin.

Adding a hydrating serum like our Rose Hyaluronic Acid Serum can instantly quench, calm, and plump dry skin. We included calendula – long-praised for its soothing, calming effects – along with white tea for a boost of antioxidants. All the while, your skin is also receiving the hyaluronic acid benefits of intense hydration and mega-plump, dewy-looking skin.

Even at its most sensitive, skin can still benefit from the kiss of a lightweight, skin-agreeable moisturizer. With hyaluronic acid as a key ingredient, our Rose Water Hydrating Milk quenches the skin without a heavy texture. Aloe vera and beta-glucan (derived from oats) help soothe irritation and smooth rough, uneven skin.

Sensitive skin hates:

Too much cleansing can dry out and further irritate sensitive skin. Look for natural ingredients and avoid conventional skincare formulas that often contain harsh chemicals, fragrances, and synthetic ingredients that will harm your skin. Additionally, always check for hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic labeling, which indicates that the product is less likely to irritate skin.

Incorporating Targeted Treatments

Sometimes we need a little extra help with some targeted skincare concerns. Whether it’s little, old crow’s feet you’d like to diminish the look of or you’re at wits to send dark under-eye bags packing, there’s no better reason or option than to incorporate targeted treatments into your beginner’s skincare routine.

Targeted treatments, such as serums, eye creams, and spot treatments, can help address specific skin concerns, such as acne, dark circles, or fine lines. It’s okay if you have multiple areas you would like to target. But it’s best to start with one treatment product per skin concern to avoid overwhelming the skin, especially the delicate eye area.

Speaking of your precious peepers, since the skin around our eye area is so delicate, a gentle yet effective natural eye cream can immediately perk up eyes, thanks to a moisturizing base and targeted ingredients. Choose from a superhero lineup of natural eye creams: our Coffee Bean formula brightens and depuffs; Super Fruit formula nourishes and protects; Retinol PM formula visibly firms while lessening the look of fine lines and wrinkles. No matter your skin type, adding an eye cream will definitely add some ‘oomph’ to your beginner’s skincare routine.

For extra hydration, especially for dry skin types, our Green Tea Water Bomb Mask will leave your thirsty skin feeling more than satisfied. It’s chock-full of hydrating hyaluronic acid and the energizing and anti-aging benefits of green tea. If you’d rather wash your mask off, try our Aqua Boost Hydrating Mask for a jolt of hydration. Soothing cucumber helps to minimize redness or blemishes.

The Importance of Consistency and Patience

When it comes to wanting to see skin improvements, as well as the benefits and results from a curated, effective skincare routine, it’s essential to give your skin and yourself time. We can’t emphasize enough the value of sticking to a consistent skincare routine and having patience while waiting for visible results. Because as you know, good things come to those who wait. And, of course, patience is a virtue.

Here are some insights into how long it typically takes to see improvements in skin health and appearance from your beginner’s skincare routine:

Consistency is Key: Consistently using a natural skincare routine curated for beginner’s will allow your skin time to adjust to all the skin-efits these products can offer. Be sure you’re cleansing, toning, and moisturizing regularly, as well as using proper sun protection.

Patience Is a Virtue: Natural skincare products work best when used over time, allowing the skin to receive its full benefits. Take the time to learn about the best way to use formulas curated to your skin type, and you’ll see an amazing transformation of your skin. Allow ample time to experience your skin, but better results.

By following these few tips and embracing a tailored skincare routine, you’re nurturing your skin with wholesome, natural goodness. Over time, you’ll likely notice the positive transformation as your skin radiates health and vitality. You’ll also build an invigorating journey toward a healthier and more radiant complexion no matter your skin type or experience level in skincare.

FAQ Section: Navigating Your Skincare Beginnings

Can your skin type change over time?

Your skin type can change over time due to a variety of factors, like age, environment, skincare products, stress, hormones, diet, and lifestyle. It is essential to observe your skin every day to notice if there is a change in your skin type so you can adjust your skincare routine accordingly for optimal results.

How often should I reassess my skin type?

In the same way you refresh your wardrobe and skincare regimens when the seasons change, your skin type should also be reassessed to determine if certain factors – even those out of your control – may have affected your particular skin type. Early on, it’s best to start with the changing seasons to determine if your skin type has changed.

Are there any universal skincare products for all skin types?

While natural skincare products can be a great choice for those looking to reduce their exposure to potentially harmful chemicals and help with the environment, some may wonder if these products are suitable for all skin types. The good news is that a natural skincare routine curated for beginners can work on virtually all skin types, including dry, oily, and sensitive skin.

What’s the best way to test a new product for my skin type?

Performing a patch test is a crucial step before incorporating any new skincare product into your routine.

How do seasonal changes affect skin type and product choice?

First and foremost, all skin types need extra hydration no matter the season. As we know, different seasons and temperatures call for certain skincare routines that are built around your skin type and concerns. For instance, heat and humidity can cause an increase in oil production, so may want to switch to a lighter-weight moisturizer for your summer skincare routine.


If you suffer from dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin – any skin type – there are natural skincare products that are perfectly suited to you if you know your skin type. Call it leading with skin type before skincare routine, your ideal and most perfect skincare routine is now at your fingertips. So, get ready to arrange a meetup with your hand-picked skin rescue squad!

Whether you’re dealing with dryness, oiliness, or sensitivity, making the right choices with your routine matters. We hope with our essential tips and products, you can better embark on a skincare journey with the right knowledge and tools.

We encourage beginners to explore 100% PURE’s range of clean, effective skincare solutions as they build their personalized routine for radiant, healthy skin. We believe your skin will be glowing, soft, and supple in no time. Your skin will thank you daily!

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