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How To Choose The Best Grey Hair Extensions

Living through COVID lockdowns forced many of us who regularly coloured and bleached our mane to evaluate our life choices and embrace grey hair. It sounds a bit dramatic, but for anyone who believes hair is an important part of themselves knows what we’re talking about.

Not being able to get the same salon-level hair colour led to a “grey hair revolution,” where women and men embraced the change.

But, for many of us with grey strands, the new problem has become hair thinning. What’s a girl gotta do to get a break? You finally accept this fun hair colour, and you have to deal with limp, lifeless locks, too?

Not today when there’s such a thing as grey hair extensions!

These give hair a naturally fuller look while helping you flaunt your pretty salt-and-pepper strands. Read on to find out which grey hair extensions will suit different your hair length, your thickness, and your you’est shade of grey.

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Why Go Grey in The First Place? Here Are Some Benefits.

Letting your grey hair be can feel like a hard pill to swallow. As someone whose mother regularly dyes her hair, greys feel like the enemy—of time? Age? The patriarchy? Who knows; it’s a complicated relationship.

But, once you accept going grey, you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Don’t believe me? Here’s some good old advice, straight from hairstylists:

It’s Better for Your Hair’s Health

Grey hair is more fragile than fully pigmented locks. Hair colouring is basically a chemical treatment that lifts each strand’s protective layer so the dye can enter and change its colour.

While a fresh dye job always looks good, this can lead to brittleness, dryness, and more thinning over time.

Saying goodbye to hair dye (even for a little while) lets your hair rest and flourish in its natural state. Hair expert, Ghanima Abdullah says “once you stop colouring your hair, you’ll notice an improvement in its look and feel!”

The Scalp Will be More Balanced

Hairstylist Monica Davis shares, “Letting your hair go grey is an effective way to avoid exposing your scalp to toxic ingredients of hair dyes.”

Paraphenylenediamine, a common ingredient in hair dye, is often responsible for that itchy scalp sensation you get during and after a hair colouring session.

If you have sensitive skin, embracing grey hair means you won’t have to worry about whether a specific dye will burn your scalp or cause an allergic reaction.

You Save Loads of Money (And Time)

Hair colouring is expensive and can take hours (sometimes half, or more than, a day!), especially if you’re bleaching your hair.

I coloured my hair at home every 2 months, and while it’s less expensive than visiting a salon, I spent a ton stocking up on hair dye. I also needed a maximum of 2 hours at home to help the colour properly penetrate my hair and to wash it all off and nourish it back with a repairing hair mask.

You Can Change it Anytime

If, after 6 months, you don’t like your grey hair anymore, you can dye it back! At least during those 6 months, you left your hair alone and that can already make a world of difference in your hair’s health.

Now that you know why rocking grey hair is better overall, check out our tips for finding the perfect grey hair extensions for different hairstyles!

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Consider How “Blended in” Your Grey Hair is

Grey hair is actually the in-between of brunette/black hair and white hair. Since white strands don’t grow at the same time, the salt-and-pepper look makes it appear grey. Once everything is white… hello, silver goddess!

But, the level of “greyness” is important when choosing hair extensions because not all grey extensions are the same. There are those that look like dark grey and some appear almost white or silver.

You wouldn’t want extensions that make it obvious you’re wearing them, right?

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Choose The Type of Grey Hair Extensions Based on Your Hair’s Needs

Most hair extensions just lengthen hair. But, if you have thin, grey hair, you’ll want something that’ll add volume, too.

Clip-In Extensions: The most common type of hair extension is perfect for low-commitment wearers as you can clip it in and remove it once you’re done. Take note, though: this style of extension will have clips that often show through and damage hair!

Halo Extensions: If you want instantly thicker locks without the long-term commitment and zero damage, halo extensions are for you. They’re placed right below the crown of your head using an invisible string so they immediately blend in. You can wear halo extensions every day because they’re completely damage-less and so easy to remove—no glues, clips, or tapes.

Tape-In Extensions: Instead of having clips like clip-ins, tape-ins are glued or taped to your natural hair. This might sound awesome if you have thin hair because it won’t be as bulky, but tape-ins require extra work to be placed and removed. Plus, they can be super damaging to delicate hair. You have to go to a professional to get them done to minimise damage.

Wigs: Need a ton of volume? A wig is a one-and-done hair extension that’ll cover your whole head. You can choose from a bunch of grey hair colours, but do make sure it’s made with human hair so it looks natural and moves better.

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Which Grey Hair Extensions Won’t Damage Your Mane?

All types of hair extensions, for the most part, are damaging because they’rre bonded to your natural hair with pieces that cause snagging, pulling, or traction on your strands and scalp.

But, the best hair extensions for thin, grey hair are halo extensions.

They don’t attach to your hair and instead has a clear strap that comfortably sits on your head. They were designed for people with thin hair, but can also be worn by medium and thick-haired men and women.

Given that grey hair is more fragile to begin with—what with years of being dyed and chemically processed—you can easily place them over your head (and remove it) within seconds!

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How to Care for Grey Hair Extensions

Grey hair, both yours and the extensions’, needs extra love and care if you want it to look healthy for years. While we all have our hair care rules, here are some non-negotiables to include in your hair extension care routine:

  1. Use a comb to detangle: Brushes are great for massaging your scalp, but when it comes to gently getting rid of knots, combs are the way to go. A wide-tooth comb is gentle on wet or dry hair extensions and prevents breakage. Say goodbye to the pain of combing wet hair with the Texture Enhancing Comb—shop it here.
  2. Always use a heat protectant: Good hair extensions are made from natural hair that can be fried from heat styling if not properly prepped and protected! Apply a heat protectant, on both your hair and the extensions’, before straightening or curling it.
  3. Wash it regularly: Hair extensions can have buildup from all the products and styling that you do. So, it’s best to wash it every 2-3 months to enhance its lifespan. Use a colour-safe hair extensions shampoo and conditioner so it remains soft and damage-free.
  4. Use a silk hair tie: If you’re looking for the best product to use on hair extensions, it’s a silk hair scrunchie. It’s extra gentle on strands since it’s smooth and won’t snag or cause breakage.
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What Type of Grey Hair Extensions Should You Choose?

If you’re looking for added volume, zero damage to your natural hair, and doesn’t require hours at the salon or a pro to install it, halo hair extensions is THAT girl. She looks good, feels good, and does good (for your hair).

Sitting Pretty Halo Hair Extensions now come in two new colours: Ash Grey and Light Grey. Both have the perfect blend of black and silver strands, so they can easily mix with any grey hair colour and make you look like you, but better.

You can easily hide it within your natural hair—no matter how thin it is—and is made from 100% real, ProGrade Remy hair. This means it’s virgin human hair and can withstand heat like your natural mane, stays soft after washing, and never frizzes like synthetic hair.

The compliments on your grey hair will never stop while you wear thickening, lengthening, and volumising halo hair extensions!

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