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12 Perfect Hairstyles for Bridesmaids

Standing alongside your bestie this year? Thankfully bridesmaid-ing has come a long way from metallic taffeta sleeves and dresses that had to be identical down to the thread. And with changes in style, so have the hairstyles for bridesmaids!

Whether you’re the bridesmaid or the bride who’s looking for some wedding day inspo for your I-Do Crew, we’ve rounded up a comprehensive list of bridesmaid hairstyles that range from simple to complex and wind-swept to sculpted, that can complement any bride.

For just about hairstyle, you’ll want to give hair all the help it can get. For lots of style-able volume and length, add a halo hair extension for the day–they’re seamlessly thick, non-damaging to your own hair, and you’ll never see pesky clips. Just ask your stylist, they’ll agree.

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Bridesmaid Up-Dos

Up-do hairstyles are great for weddings for a lot of reasons. When professionally done, or when you’ve got a good handle on bobby pins yourself, an up-do will remain fuss-free for photos all day.

You won’t have to worry about the wind making a curl go the wrong way or if hair’s sitting right around your face the way a down-style might. Plus, if it’s going to be hot, this keeps hair off skin.

And lastly, they’ve got range! You can go from extra elegant to minimalist and chic. These are some of our faves.

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A Loose Low Bun

Simple and timeless. Sophisticated and effortless. This bridesmaid hairstyle flatters just about any hair texture and face shape.

There’s also lots of room for personal touches to make it even more you: pull more tendrils out to make it messy and textured, tease your crown a la Bridget Bardot, or add in sprigs from your bouquet.

This one is definitely bride approved for how well it can complement their look and it works well for large weddings to intimate city hall occasions.

A High Bun with Tendrils

curly high bun bridemaid hairstyle

For a more formal bun, go higher on the bun placement and curl out face-framing bangs and pieces. You can make this style more or less messy depending on how many pieces you take from the bun so it, too, is super versatile for bridesmaids.

For extra messy (and sultry) use a claw clip to hold hair up. Complete with lots of loose, curled pieces throughout this one’s the classic Pam up-do. See how celebrity stylist Emma Chen does it below! 



A Sleek Bun with a Twist


Going super sleek with an up-do is a guaranteed way to never have to worry about how hair looks. This smooth up-do is the set-and-forget option for bridesmaid hair; with a secure hold (thanks to gel, bobby pins, and hairspray) it won’t move from wind or after hours of speeches.

Going to a destination wedding where it’s hot and potentially windy? This chic bun is worth considering.

Want it a little messier? Try this version with your halo:

A Loose, Low, Curly Ponytail


Ponytails have come a long way from gym class; they’ve quickly become a formal staple for hair! With lots of curls throughout ends and purposely-pulled pieces, a low, voluminous ponytail is a chic and easy option you can do yourself as well.

For lots of enviable volume and length to your ends, definitely pop in a halo hair extension! Unlike ponytail extensions, that concentrate the hair all to one thick end, halos grade the hair to your entire head so it looks like it’s actually your pony…

A Twisted or Rope Braid

rope braid hairstyles for bridesmaids

For a modern twist to the formal ponytail, try adding a rope braid! An unexpected finish to any up-do style, the rope braid is sure to stand out amongst other bridesmaids for your own personal touch.

You can do these on high up-dos as well as low up-dos, but for either, we think they look best on sleek, pulled back roots.

Milkmaid Braids

black woman with halo braided hairstyle for bridemaids and brides

Feel like you’ve stepped straight out of a fairytale with this sweet bridesmaid hairstyle. Surprisingly easy to do yourself, you can braid hair on either side and secure it in a crown-like shape atop your roots.

This ethereal hairstyle is perfect for garden weddings or events with a more vintage touch too. Romantic and practical—what more could you ask for?

Bridesmaid Down-Styles

For short, medium, or lusciously long hair (thanks to your halo of course), bridesmaid hairstyles that want lots of movement and volume will find it here!

Depending on your bride’s theme you may want something more formal like sculpted Hollywood waves or something more laidback like textured, beachy waves. In any case, we’re prioritizing healthy-looking fullness and shape in these bridesmaid down styles.

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The Classic Djerf Blowout


Thanks to the likes of Matilda Djerf and Jen Atkin’s Airwrap, billowy blowouts are back. They’re super glamorous, while still looking uncomplicated and never over-done. This voluminous and uber bouncy blowout is also easy enough to do yourself if you’ve got a handle on heated brushes or an Airwrap!

Straight with a Pinned-Back Front

pinned back front on a bridesmaid hairstyle

Who said all bridesmaid hairstyles have to be curly? If you love hair to be a little more sleek, try this straight style with a pinned back front. A red-carpet staple, you’ve likely seen this hairstyle all over your Pinterest by celebs like Gigi Hadid.

The pinned back front pieces, plus volume added to the crown offer a bit of elegance to the more basic straight down ‘do making it great for black tie and more formal venues.

Lots of Volume with a Headband

black woman with crystal headband styled as a bridesmaid hairstyle

When in doubt, accessorise. Elegant headbands are a really great way to add a touch of personal style when you’re lined up with several other bridesmaids who are all wearing the same dress.

Plus, if you have very short hair where styling options are few and far between, pacing embellishments like headbands (and sweet clips!) are great. Add loose waves or texture for a little romance too.

Watch how Francoise completes her’s with a pearly band:



Loose, Beachy Waves


This relaxed bridesmaid hairstyle is equal parts casual, charming, and coastal. The key for bridesmaid hairstyles of the more beachy wave variety is to use sea salt spray or other texturizing sprays for a more natural-looking wave (if you’re not blessed with a little curl).

For hair that needs fullness, or just wants more wave, always add hair extensions for thicker ends and volume throughout!

Bridesmaid Half-Up Hairstyles

Arguably atop the most popular hairstyles for bridesmaids are half-up ‘dos. So feminine, elegant, and flattering to the face (and the dress!) these are always a bride-approved and easy-to-achieve option.

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Pulled Back and Smooth 


Slicking back half-up bridesmaid hairstyles is great for showcasing long locks and snatching the face. Achieve this polished style by keeping hair free flowing in the back, but brushed back with gel by the root. You can pin back the top to or secure it with a tight pony.

Wrapped Braids in the Back

blonde woman with a half up braided bridesmaid hairstyle

Another sweet addition to more simple half-up bridesmaid hairstyles is adding a braid to the up-do! Keeping hair curly will help make this style look even more voluminous while adding a 2 layer braid that’s clipped in the back makes hair look great from all angles.

ICYMI: you’ll really want to avoid clip-in extension types for half-up bridesmaid hairstyles. Styles the layer out your hair, as in section some of it up, can reveal clips at the root which is the last thing you want! Use seamless extensions like halos where there’s no visible attachment!

Half-Up With Lots of Loose Tendrils

curly and loose half up bridesmaid hairstyle with balayage colour

Combine the best of up-dos and down styles by adorning your half-up with lots of curled tendrils in front. It’s a super romantic and effortless take on a classic wedding style that can look so different on everyone–even if they’re actually rocking the same style.

By adding in loose or tight curls to those pieces can really complement the softness of most bridesmaid dresses and romantic wedding themes, while being completely customisable.

Cascading Side-Swept Locks

redhead with curled side swept bridesmaid hairstyle

Is it up? Is it down? We’re calling this perfect cascade of hair a half-up bridesmaid hairstyle for its perfect blend of both. Keep lots of face-framing pieces curled around the front and push all hair to one side with bobby pins that secure it in the back.

Option to add a stunning embellished clip in the back for easy glam. And pop on a halo hair extension for lots of curls and cascading volume too.

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